CISF restores lost bag containing cash Rs 1,04,190 to owner at Chawri Bazar Metro Station

CISF personnel handing over lost bag containing cash amount of Rs 1,04,190 to owner.


NEW DELHI: Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) on Monday restored a bag containing cash amount of Rs 1,04,190 lost at Chawri Bazar Metro Station to the owner.
About 2031 hrs on January 29, the CISF screener Constable Simanchal Behera noticed an unclaimed bag lying on the output roller of the X-BIS machine at Chawri Bazar metro station.
“The CISF enquired from the nearby passengers, but no one came forward to claim the bag. Immediately, he informed his Shift-in-charge, who in turn rushed to the spot and the bag was checked from the security point of view,” said an official statement by CISF.
“After ascertaining that there was no dangerous/hazardous item inside the bag, it was opened. On opening the bag, cash amounting to Rs 1,04,190 and some valuables were found inside the bag. Thereafter, the bag containing cash & valuables was deposited with the Station Controller and announcements were made at the station. After some time at about 2100 hrs, a male passenger namely Pranav Achantani, son of Suresh R Achantani, resident of Rajouri Garden, New Delhi came at the security point and claimed the bag,” the statement further said.
He was brought to the Station Controller Room, where he informed that he forgot to collect his bag, after putting the same for x-ray screening. After proper verification, the bag containing cash amounting to Rs 1,04,190 and valuables were restored to Pranav Achantani. On getting his bag along-with cash and valuables intact, he thanked CISF and appreciated the alertness and honesty displayed by CISF personnel.