Opposition raising issue of price rise due to Modi-phobia: BJP in Lok Sabha

NEW DELHI: Defending the government over the issue of price rise, the BJP on Tuesday asked the opposition members to get over “Modi-phobia” and appreciate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his handling of the situation during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and providing free food to 80 crore people of the country.

Participating in a debate on the issue of price rise, BJP member Nishikant Dubey accused the Congress of increasing the public debt during its regime in the past.

He urged Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to bring a white paper on it so that people of the country come to know how they (Congress governments) borrowed money due to which generations are facing losses .

This is not about price rise but a design to help the son rise, Dubey charged in a veiled attack at the Congress leadership.

He alleged that the opposition members are raising the issue of price rise because they are all suffering from Modi-phobia .

“They are so much allergic to Modi. Get over Modi-phobia, think about the country…Wait. Nation is changing. Village, poor, tribals are being honoured, the BJP member said.

“This country is happy, he added.

Hitting back at the opposition for blaming the Centre for rising prices, the BJP member said India is the only country which is exporting rice, wheat, sugar under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi even as the production of wheat, rice and sugar have come down across the globe post COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, the World Bank had to provide emergency funds to several countries, including Egypt and Tunisia, for food security, he said.

This kind of policy we have and you are talking about the price rise, the BJP member said.

BJP member Uday Pratap Singh said the Union government has taken several measures such as cutting excise duty on petrol and diesel to bring down inflation. The Modi government has also ensured that farmers get good prices for their produce, he added. (PTI)

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