Longest Quran ever printed on scroll paper listed in Lincoln Book of Records

Suhail Bhat

Srinagar, Aug 2: Mustafa Ibni Jameel, 26, has set a new record by handwriting the entire Quran on a single 500-meter scroll of paper.
The Lincoln Book of Records lists him as having set “a new world record for the first time in the world to write the Holy Quran on 14.5-inch and 500-meter scroll paper.” He created this magnificent work of art using the calligraphy techniques he has honed over the past seven years.
He left his hamlet, Hudbal Ahamsharief village in the Bandipora district of northern Kashmir, 46 kilometers from Srinagar, to work on the project around seven months ago.
He chose Delhi for his project as all the necessary materials, like paper and lamination, were not available in his village.
“When I thought about how Allah had given me this skill and that I should use it in a variety of ways, I got the idea to write the longest Quran. I completed this project in Delhi because the necessary materials, such as paper and lamination, were unavailable in my area,” he told Excelsior.
After obtaining the necessary materials, he began writing the Quran, dedicating almost 18 hours per day to it while taking breaks of about 6 hours each. This process took the next three months.
“I used to spend 18 hours a day designing and writing the Quran. I spent four months writing it, putting in 18 hours per day and taking 6 hours off,” he said, adding that the paper and laminations for the Quran were organized in the remaining months.
After the text was finished, the paper’s borders were designed, which took roughly a month and had 13 lakh (1.3 million) dots. The paper needed to be laminated after design in order to preserve it from deterioration. After almost a month of laminating, the Quran was ready for display.
“This project is unique since I made the border on my own, which took about a month and featured 13 lakh dots, and I wrote it in the Nasak font,” he said.
His relatives helped him with the project from start to finish and covered the entire Rs 1.50 lakh cost. “Although I had a lot of financial difficulties, Allah made things simple for me. My relatives helped me a lot as well,” he said.
He learned calligraphy on his own and without any professional training. He dropped out of formal education after ninth grade. “I first learned calligraphy to improve my handwriting, and then I began penning the Holy Quran. Some four or five years ago, the first Quran was penned, along with other works,” he said.
Ali Mohammad, uncle of Mustafa told Excelsior that he has made the whole family proud and they are happy with his achievement. “We are ecstatic that an orphaned child achieved this. We will always support him. He has worked really hard on the project,” he said.
He, however, added that they doubted his ability to finish it when he started working on it in 2018. “His vision gave us confidence that he would do something. It is only because of his dedication that he had been able to do it,” he said.

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