You make the hay while I make the sun shine

Manmohan Dhar

Politics and Political power is now becoming the tool to execute the modus operandi for making the hay while the sun shines. Someone at the helm of affairs takes the charge of holding the sun to shine longer while someone close to him finds ways to make the hay. A collective and foolproof operational technique with almost zero or less loopholes to amass wealth by befooling the common man keeping him busy in enjoying the pleasure of freebies. This is a very delicate and fragile way of indulging in corruption and obviously needs some team work, education and cunningness for handling it with care. The one at the top plays the “Good Guy” while the one very close plays the “Bad Guy” in a shadow of pretendence along with his flock of “Bad Sheep”.
Not all politicians are corrupt. There are politicians who hold the values and ethos very high in their way of life. They think in terms of benefit to the needy and follow a clean path in their entire political career. But, some think the other way round. For them politics is the gateway to becoming wealthy because politics gives them a free ticket to indulge into corrupt practices at the cost of a common man. In order to get yourself a berth in the political world you can either start on your own or can just hold somebody’s hand just to be a reason to pave your way to the desired goal. And sharp minded, cunning and greedy people who possess an endless lust for power and wealth, know how to start and whom to make their God father. So, what they do is start their campaign of corruption on the shoulders of someone who is popular and is respected in the society. Once they succeed in making their place in the heart of some Apolitical Guru or an honest and sincere social activist, they start their journey of deceit and endless hunger for wealth. They know the journey can be long and hurdle some but the destination is going to be as per their wishes because they possess the required skill set needed to befool and loot the common man. Being a cunning, vicious and fail safe corrupt politician is beyond anybody’s capability unless they are well versed with the basic education about the tricks of trade. You may have to even sacrifice your job as well. Because big ambitions warrant big sacrifices and you have to be ready for that. You have to even pledge publicly that you will never ever enter the field of politics as it is dirty and not fit for a common man like you. You may even have to swear upon your children to make people believe that all you are doing is for the good of people and not for entering the politics. You can even go to the extent of showing your extreme apprehension that even if through your honest efforts you clear the chair off corrupt politicians you won’t be sure as to whosoever sits on the chair after them, won’t turn corrupt too. This element of ” concern” will make you more credible among the masses. Once you feel all is set to hit the roads your first and foremost step towards this malicious campaign is “Agitation”. Agitational path is the most handy tactics to go against the Govt. and that too when the agitation is spearheaded by a very reputed, established and popular social activist on your back. Another most important requirement happens to be “Fearlessness”. You have to pretend to be bold and fearless. You have to dare calling the top leadership corrupt. You have to make the people believe that whatever exposes you bring to the lime light are true and that everybody in the system is corrupt. You have to make the people believe that you are the common man and are not mad after luxuries of life. For that matter you may have even to sleep on newspaper pages on the roads in the open, shine or rain. Through your speeches and statements you have to assure people that you have caught the bluff of the administrative machinery and shall follow a legal path to bring them to book. You may have to even risk your life on account of some hunger strikes here and there so that the belief that you are building in the mind of a common man gets stronger and you are being looked at as the messiah of masses. A well wisher who can risk everything for the cause of a common man. And once the sympathy gained looks to be sufficient to set yourself on the actual voyage, you can very easily part ways with your mentor and Guru and just on the changed lines as per the hidden agenda you start preaching that unless you don’t jump into the filth you cannot clean it up. And on this very plea you announce a political party of your own and enter the fray. Poor and innocent voters who got fooled vote for you to be their saviour. And, you come to power. This is where you kick start your journey towards a well planned and amply thought of agenda of entering the politics to be the actual players of the game which could change your fortunes for all generations to come. Once in, you will have to show some more patience and go through a phase of connecting your ” sacrifices then” with “sacrifices now”. Because initially you will have to make some more sacrifices with respect to your mode of transport, living style and every luxury of life. Now, all you need is ” A Hand”. A trust worthy hand, a good friend who is artful, expert and masterful to manipulate and handle every financial skillfulness. A confident who can withstand the heat as and when there is a crisis. Who can always be at your beck and call. So, with everything in place your journey towards accomplishment is already on. Now it is here that your skills of pretending and impersonating have to be at their best. In the shadow of your cunningness and skillfulness you have to make the sun shine for longer so that the person at the job of making the hay gets ample time to execute his tricky plans to embezzle and misappropriate. A fool proof way of doing corruption. Not every one’s cup of tea. Only focussed and learned politicians can dare to risk such dangerous practices on the basis of their mischievous and dangerous knowledge and education. But, all said and done, there is always another side of a coin. If on one side someone is deceiving the common man, there is bound to be someone to safeguard him. So, let it be known to all those whose only aim to enter politics is corruption, that a new era has begun in India and a drive against corruption is already in place. Someone has pledged to free his country from the clutches of corruption and nepotism. So, if caught don’t pretend to be honest and don’t even try to become more aggressive, blunt just to show that you are innocent. And for the sake of God, please don’t play the victim card as your last resort, that too with ease. Because your days of dirty, ugly and corrupt politics are over. No room to make hay while the sun shines.

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