Enact laws to punish genocide perpetrators: PK urges Centre


Jammu: Panun Kashmir, an organisation advocating homeland for 7 lakh Kashmiri Hindus in valley, on Wednesday called upon the Centre to enact laws so that the crime of genocide is punished and prevented.
Panun Kashmir, which organised a day long national convention to commemorate the 33rd Kashmiri Hindu Balidan Divas as the reaffirmation day, passed five resolutions to press government of India to fulfill their demands.
Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the Valley started in 1989.
“It is time the nation realizes that the Hindus of Kashmir are face to face with two genocidal processes. One is the genocide’ per se unleashed by the genocidal enterprise in Kashmir valley, abetted overtly and covertly by various organs of the society and nourished by both the state of Pakistan and the Pan-Islamic movement”, Panun Kashmir said in the resolution on genocide.
The other is the process of “denial of genocide” indulged in by the successive governments in India, said Panun Kashmir, the main organization of displaced Kashmiri Pandits.
The resolution, which pointed out that the Kashmiri Pandits have paid immense price since 1990, said” the Government of India should enact enabling laws so that the crime of genocide is punished and prevented; and the victims and survivors of genocide are rehabilitated with reparations and without dangers of any refoulement.”
The resolution further said that the Government of India should create a Tribunal on the pattern of Nuremberg Trials to enquire into all dimensions of “genocide committed on the Hindus of Kashmir” so that the perpetrators are brought to justice.
The resolution outrightly reject the contention that the Jammu and Kashmir would be reverted back to the status of a state. “Reverting Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir into a state will be an act of self subversion”, it said.
It demanded the creation of union territory of Panun Kashmir, east and north of river Vitasta (Jhelum) in Kashmir for the return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir.
Panun Kashmir also support the creation of a separate state of Jammu.

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