Indian Hawks Club Skaters sparkle at Jodhpur Ranking Tourney by bagging 24 medals


JAMMU: Skaters who train with Indian Hawks Roller Skating Club (IHRSC) gave astounding performance in third ranking roller skating championship 2022 organised by Roller Skating Federation of India (RSFI) at Jodhpur in Rajasthan by winning whopping 24 medals including 10 gold, 12 silver and two bronze medals for J&K and JKRSA adding sparkle to Club’s name.
The IHRSC skaters including Viraaj Gandotra (Quad under 11 years) bagged two silver medals, Tamanna Saini (Quad under 14 years) bagged two gold medals and one silver, Prageet Kour (Quad under 14 years) bagged 1 gold and 2 silver medals, Puneesh Puri (Quad under 14 years) bagged 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze medal, Samarjot Singh (Quad under 17 years) clinched three gold medals, Udhay Narayan (Quad under 17 years) won 1 gold 2 silver medals, Kartikeya Puri (Quad above 17 years) fetched two golds and one silver medal, Surya Bhaskar (Quad above 17 years) won 1 silver 1 bronze medal and Vanshaj Sharma (Inline above 17 years) bagged 2 silver medals. The impressive performance by the Indian Hawks Club skaters won the hearts of skating lovers as the contingent of J&K has become one of the top favourites among the spectators which came from across the country in the Blue City-Jodhpur.
On their return, Chief Patron IHRSC Ashok Gandotra Chief Engineer (retd) gave the medalist skaters a rousing reception as none of the contingent member 0f the club came back without a medal. While applauding the stunning performance of the IHRSC skaters, Ashok Gandotra said that there is no shortcut to success and therefore the club members should continue to invest their time and concentration in the game to reach the pinnacle and bring laurels for the UT of J&K, IHRSC and their proud parents because there is no alternative to hard work. He also congratulated Jammu and Kashmir Roller Skating Association and President JKRSA GS Khurmi for all the motivation and support to all the skaters of J&K. He also appreciated the mentor of the Club’s team- Arjun Gandotra, who despite his busy schedule is providing state of the art training to the skaters in whatever time he is sparing.
Interacting with the medalists, management of IHRSC said that albeit the performance was good but there is a lot more scope to improve and enhance the capability of skaters as they will face cut throat competition in the ensuing national championship scheduled to be held in Bengaluru in December this year. He asked the skaters to toil hard and give their 100 percent in the upcoming events to prove their mettle in a more effective manner.

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