Dr Jitendra interacts with US Chamber, American CEOs; invites investments


WASHINGTON DC: Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh on Wednesday interacted with CEOs and representatives of more than 30 prominent American companies at the US Chamber of Commerce headquarters here and exhorted them to avail of enabling business milieu created in India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Minister said, India under Modi is incentivising investments and called upon them to also engage in Joint Venture opportunities in the wake of pro-business reforms carried out by the Government over the last 8 years.
Miriam Daniel and Priscilla Baek of Google on Geospatial Data, Stafan Alexander, CEO of Nextler Innovations, Emily Beline, Senior Counsel of FedEx, Randy Liebermann, CEO of HoT Technologies, Timothy Puckorius, CEO of Earth Observation Technologies, Glenn Grab of Cyient Technologies, Kevin James, CEO of Climate Compass, Ajeeth Ibrahim of Nanorocks Space Technologies, Ravnish Luthra, CEO of ITGlobe Inc, Sanjay Singhal, CEO of Sintel Satellite Services Inc, were some of the prominent business leaders who interacted in detail with Indian Delegation led by Dr Jitendra Singh.
Apart from business leaders, representatives from USG/Space, DC Government, NASA, American Think Tanks, and Federal Representatives took part in the Roundtable in areas associated with Geospatial, Space, Earth & Ocean Science, Pharma and Biotech Sectors, organised by US-India Business Council (USIBC) at U.S. Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Washington, DC.
Atul Keshap, President, USIBC welcomed Dr Jitendra Singh at the Business Roundtable, while Sripriya Ranganathan, Deputy Chief of Mission, Indian Embassy, Washington, D.C. set the tone for Industry Interaction. The CEOs and representatives of Geospatial, Space, Earth & Ocean Science, Pharma, Biotech and other emerging Sectors held discussions on topics like “The Commercial Opportunities for U.S.-India Space Collaboration, “The Potential of Geospatial”, “Expansive Potential for Growth in Satcoms” and “Commercial Space: Brown, Green and Blue”. Dr Jitendra told the Business Leaders that India and America have very successful cooperation in Space Science and Exploration and ISRO and NASA are working together to launch a joint radar satellite for Earth observation named NISAR [NASA -ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar]. The NISAR mission will collect data vital to tackling the climate crisis. The Minister also informed that ISRO has been getting Deep Space Network Antenna support from NASA in its Missions such as Chandrayaan-1, Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and Chandrayaan-2 mission and will continue availing support for our Chandrayaan-3 mission. He said, given the space reforms in India in place, India is looking forward to engaging with private sectors for fabrication, manufacturing, and joint development of space system and infrastructure.
On the subject of Geospatial Ecosystem, Dr Jitendra said that the recent policy reforms provides opportunities to work with academia, industry, and other stakeholders to create a vibrant and dynamical data-driven digital economy. He said, apart from
On the issue of “Earth Science and observations’, Dr Jitendra Singh informed that combined scientific and technical skills and satellite data are being used to enhance observations of the earth and use information [Indian Ocean Variability and Monsoon] most effectively for the benefit of society. Regarding “Health Sciences & Technologies”, Dr Jitendra Singh said, there has been longstanding collaboration between India and USA in Health Sector. The scientific community and private sector of both the nations have been working together in several programs to understand important diseases and develop new therapeutic, diagnostic and vaccine.

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