Kashmir : Heaven to Hell

Rohini Vaishnavi
Book :– RAkTiM TanDav
Author :– Bhupinder Singh Raina
Publisher:– Raveena Parkashan.
Price:— Rs.350/-
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It was a pleasant surprise to me when Bhupinder Singh Raina asked me to write this foreword.For past few years I was working on a book titled,”Chronicles of Kashmir,a Biography of Pandit Amarnath Vaishnavi,a social worker, visionary and a leader.The book was published early this year.That book became the reason for me to know the author,I realised that we shared a bond by virtue of being a part of the life of my grandfather,late Pt.Amarnath ji Vaishnavi,who had a great influence on my persona.
He also happened to be the NCC teacher of the author Bhupinder Singh Raina at Sogam, Lolab. Pt.Vaishnavi had instilled in him a great since of patriotism as Pandit ji himself was the first person to start the nationalist movement in Kashmir.He inspired the author to join the Air Force,and he became an officer. Authors’ patriotism, inclination towards dharma and concern for mankind is reflected in his poetry.Even after his retirement,he remained in regular touch with Pt.Vaishnavi and used to be part of his social initiatives in Jammu.
As I went through the pages of the book *Raktim Tandav*,I found it to be a poetic description of Kashmir as it was in the days of happiness and how gradually it turned into a breeding ground of hatred and blood bath.In fewer and very simple words,the author has done justice to a community by bringing out the poignant story of their lost identity,past glory and their never ending misery till this day.
This poetry collection will help readers to know the transition of Kashmir from a peaceful heaven on earth to a blood thirsty valley.Written very boldly,the author has not minced words to shed light on some bitter realities about various actors and situations that engulfed the valley in the darkness which was devoid of love and humanity.
The second part of this poetry collection touches every human heart as it reflects the deeper feelings associated with a life lived as one looks back and takes stock of the things lost,regrets,hopes,love and betryal. A man lives his whole life and reaches a stage to find that it could have been better lived had there been no greed,lust or hatred.Value of every relationship is understood when those people vanish from our lives.The book Raktim Tandav brings a feeling of nostalgia and at the same time hope that somethings can be changed. On one hand there is a love lost for ever and on the other the longing to see a daughter and grand child.There is pain recieving cold dead bodies of the soldiers wrapped in Tiranga,who never go back home in the same way as they had bid good bye. It feels like story of every human being,as Richard Bach says in his book “One”, “I gave my life to become the person I am ,was worth it”?
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