Arrested Tehsildar Bahu not suspended even after 10 days of police custody


JAMMU: The arrest of Tehsildar Bahu Rohit Sharma on November 14 has left a piquant situation in the Bahu tehsil jurisdiction with the charge of post not having given to any other officer or new incumbent posted to carry on the day to day revenue related affairs.

People suffering as Tehsildar Bahu’s charge not given to any other officer so far

Generally, tehsil offices hum with activities as people keep on thronging for sorting out their problems, issuance of various certificates and other revenue related matters. Since the arrested Tehildar has not been placed under suspension even after the ten days of his arrest, the people are wondering whether it is prelude to possible hushing up of the graft case. They feel such a ploy will betray LG administration’s zero tolerance against the menace of corruption especially when the bail plea of the accused Rohit Sharma has been rejected by the court.
Normally, any government servant remaining in police custody for more than 48 hours is placed unded suspension. But in the instant case, noting of the sort has happened, raising many eye brows. Sources privy to service conduct rules, said that after 48 hours of arrest, a government servant is deemed to have been suspended and the new incumbent is posted or anyone else is given charge of the post.
On November 14, Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) arrested Tehsildar Jammu City South (Bahu) Rohit Sharma red-handed while accepting bribe. It is alleged that Rohit Sharma had demanded Rs 50,000 from a person in lieu of issuing Fard. After apprehending Tehsildar Rohit Sharma, the ACB team not only raided his office but also his house and collected evidences from there.
According to the information received from ACB, a person living in R S Pura had bought land in City South. When he went to Tehsildar Bahu to transfer this land in his name, Tehsildar Rohit Sharma asked him for Rs one lakh. A deal was settled at Rs 50 thousand. The complainant, meanwhile, approached the ACB and lodged a complaint against Rohit for demanding bribe.
Here it relevant to mention that Pacca Danga Police Station is alleged of extending VIP treatment to Tehsildar Bahu Rohit Sharma, after getting caught red-handed while accepting bribe.
As per sources, Rohit Sharma enjoyed coziness in a special room with comfortable beds, chairs and room heaters at Police Station Pacca Danga instead of lodged in the lockup.
He was reportedly using electronic gadgets, like smart-phones and laptops, apart from getting food from their homes and restaurants, as per his wish list.

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