Dr Kislay Panday – Prominent Supreme Court Advocate Emerges As a Leading NCLT Lawyer

Not many can measure up to Dr Kislay Panday’s impact and legacy. Dr Panday is one of the most prominent contemporary lawyers and has represented major criminal cases like the Bulandshahar Gangrape Case, the Rajdev Ranjan Murder case.

Recently, he sent shockwaves all over the country when he uncovered DHFL’s financial inconsistencies amounting to over ₹1 Lakh Crores wherein unsuspecting customers and shareholders were exploited mindlessly. His findings were recognised and corroborated by international organisations like American Forensic Auditor Grant Thornton.

Dr Kislay Panday has time and again proven his mettle as a legal mind and this instance was particularly high-profile and highlighted his prowess as one of the best legal forensic auditors in the country. It was a courageous endeavour to stand against huge business empires in favour of the rights of the common man. Through his work and victories in cases related to contentious property issues, corruption, financial frauds, and scams, Dr Kislay Panday has become an important NCLT Lawyer.

Dr Panday, also a theologist, has a very thoughtful approach towards his work and can weave through an intricate web of facts, policies and investigations to gain a deep understanding of the matter at hand and devise an unchallengeable conclusion. His intellectual talents are on full display in his bestselling book, “The Sovereign” where he explores the impact of pre-independence politics on today’s India and provides a cohesive look into the complexity of our sociopolitical structure.

Dr Panday bases his analysis of these political events on India’s cultural history and the prominent political philosophies followed in the subcontinent. The Sovereign is an approachable and enriching guide to understanding modern India and is a must-read for everyone. Politics affects and involves everyone and Dr Panday explains this very phenomenon in The Sovereign.

He has always claimed to be the people’s advocate and proves to be a man of his words through his actions. Dr Panday is unafraid to take down corporate overlords when they exploit the people of this country, he boldly takes on tricky criminal cases and ensures justice for the victims. Dr Panday not only protects the citizens in the court of law, he arms them with the knowledge we need to become a principled and educated citizen.

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