5 Best Multiplayer Android Games to Play with Friends

Online games let you experience a whole different world where you are encouraged to fulfil all your childhood fantasies, then why do it alone? Include your friends in your arena of games where you and your friends can play and have fun all together.

If you are inspired by this, then what could be better than multiplayer Android games? Play these games with your friends on your Android by just creating a username or downloading.

But here rises an important question?

Which Android games to pick for playing with friends?

First Games have made it easy for you to pick the 5 best multiplayer games to play with your friends. This time whether you want fun or cash rewards, there are games that can give you both. You just need to keep on playing and try your luck.

Hope you will find these games close to your passion and interest.

FTL- Faster Than Light

If multiplayer games, where you manage your base, resources, and multiple departments in your territory, are something that gets fun and enjoyment for you, then FTL-Faster Than Light is your game. This game gives you tasks to run your very own spaceship, assigning resources to the departments that need them most. The real strategic content behind this game is performing all actions while fleeing through a hostile star system.

You’ll have to counter intruders, keep your spaceship working, and try to survive despite all problems occurring against you. Don’t allow the simple and relatively pretty graphics to make fool of you- there are multiple players of strategic thinking unseen underneath this title.


Do you love playing card games, then why not online poker? Poker happens to be one of the most liked and played online card games across the globe. We all know that poker was a part of clubs and casinos earlier, but with the advent of the internet and technology, it is now possible to play poker over the internet and not just alone, but rather with multiple players. Online poker is a preferred game of online gamers who love spreading cards as it also allows them to play free online poker games along with those poker games which involve stakes.

This game also enables online gamers to play at their convenience and availability. All they need to have access to a smooth internet connection. The best part of this game is even a beginner can play freely without finding difficulties. To win online poker games with stakes, you must have a solid strategy based on proven tips. Also, ensure you must know the rules of the game to play independently. Enjoy your poker games with friends even if there are sitting far away.

CAR Racing

Car racing games are always favourite when it comes to playing a multiplayer game. The enthusiasm, passion and intensity to beat the opponents, even if there are friends remain high. CSR Racing is a game where every moment will be full of excitement blowing your heartbeats faster than ever. It makes you addicted as it has stunning graphics and shocking multiplayer one-on-one competition to make the next level of racing practice, and of course, CSR happens to be one of the most popular racing games.

This game allows you to redesign Audi R8 and BMW M3 with turbos or nitrous injection beat your best rivals. Moreover, when you feel you’re prepared, you can challenge groups that manage the city.

Till today, this game has over ten million downloads. It’s a true multiplayer game, where you race with online car racers. As it is mentioned, it is an online game, you will find numerous players in the competition.


If you love online rummy games, you must like to play their variants. The variants are so exciting that you would never feel bored. There are variants like Deals, Pool, and Points rummy that keep rummy players encouraged and excited for some more games.

Undoubtedly, rummy games keep you engaged throughout, but when you play this game, keep concerns about security at the top. Ensure when you playing this game, you must have picked a trusted platform that keeps security as the key to allow rummy players peace of mind. The platform intends to offer fair play and automation in the game.

Since there are multiple variants in online rummy, you can opt for any variants that vouch for offering a true multiplayer feeling. Get the best rummy tips to ensure your winning chances in the game at the top. Create a pure sequence at the earliest and collect jokers wherever you see them. Give your priority to forming sequences and keep discarding irrelevant cards. Be particular about the probable patterns needed to form sequences.


All of us must have played loodo like crazy in our childhood. It was one of the popular indoor games played with friends and family. But time elapsed and that amicability went missing among families and friends as people remain business and self-engaged.

The Loodo arrived as a multiplayer online game that can be played on Android as well as iOS devices to create the same liveliness, closeness and feeling of togetherness. When you want to play this game, you can play it with those who are in close proximity as well as sitting far away. Cherish quality time with your friends whenever and wherever you want.

The best thing associated with this game is that it takes care of its player’s emotions and it hasn’t changed its playing procedures except for the mode of play i.e. “time based” and “turn-based”. These options are given with the purpose of keeping the excitement and enthusiasm of the game going. Online loodo never fails to give a favourite way of time pass.

A Few Last Words

If you want to enjoy your togetherness with your friends, the above games are the best ones to offer you. All 5 games are multiplayer and you can play them online in free and paid modes. Hope you find this information updated and worthy of your gaming aspirations.

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