Jammu Congress leadership in confusion & disarray: Sethi


JAMMU: Taking a dig on the proposed visit of Rahul Gandhi in Jammu and Kashmir Union Territory in continuation of so called Bharat Jodo Yatra, Chief Spokesperson of Jammu and Kashmir Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), Sunil Sethi said in a press release that the proposed visit has put local leadership of Congress in difficult position of disarray and total confusion.
He said that Yatra is being taken in active support of PAGD gang and other regional parties having divisive agenda and Jammu based leaders of Congress is finding it very difficult to political digest the scenario.
They are finding it difficult to stand with anti people and anti-nationalistic parties who raise pro-Pak and pro-China statements at the drop of hat with political motives, Sethi said.
Sunil Sethi called upon the Congress leadership to do introspection as it’s agenda is getting exposed. He wondered how the self claimed leadership of Jammu of Congress who ostensibly call themselves pro Jammuites, can justify standing with PAGD especially after their anti national statements post abrogation of Art 370 .
Chief Spokesperson asked the Congress leadership especially of Jammu as to how can they see in the eyes of Valmiki Samaj, Gorkha, West Pak Refugees, families of married girls of J&K, Pahari community, defence forces personnel posted in J&K etc who finally got justice after Art 370.
How can they face youth which now see new hope to get jobs in transparent manners in public as well private sector. While carrying out rally is a democratic right which Bhartiya Janata Party honour always , but it will be different story I’d rally has hidden agenda and is going out with help and connivance of parties having agenda to break country from within, he said.

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