Success is not the overnight journey – Shreya Kulkarni


Shreya Kulkarni, who has been working in the industry for the past six years, thinks that it’s difficult to be an actress when there is already so much nepotism. She made her first appearance in the film “Amavas” as a ghost, starring alongside the legendary Nargiss Fakhri. She claims that at first, she was apprehensive and uncomfortable for this job, but her passion for acting and film drove her to take it on. Even though her features and beauty were covered up during this job by unsightly and spooky prosthetic makeup, the experience acquired was worthwhile. She acquired a lot of contacts while promoting this movie, and those contacts helped drive her career forward. Additionally, she had the chance to collaborate with Sunny Leone, the most well-known actress, in Ragini MMS Season 2. She then appeared in numerous album songs, films, and Marathi and Hindi television series.

“I can express myself more freely when I act for myself since it helps to bring out my emotions.” When explaining her enthusiasm for acting and the film industry, she comments, “It is a type of painting where you paint yourself with 9 rasas (aesthetics) that are already present in your body and mind”.

She is everyone’s favourite not only because of how she acts, but also because of her natural attractiveness. With every new role, this captivating actress draws tens of thousands of followers. Her passion for the entertainment industry dates back to her early years. Throughout high school and college, she performed in fashion shows and plays. She believes that success requires a lot of hard work, and sweat. There is a lot of ability out there, but because of nepotism, it is not recognised. Since she came from a small city and had to overcome many obstacles, she believes that opportunities in the acting industry should be expanded.

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