J&K first in country to start PSGA auto-appeal for online services: CS


Jammu: Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary A K Mehta on Saturday launched the Public Services Guarantee Act (PSGA) auto-appeal feature of a few online services offered by the administration.
He said the revolutionary step to integrate the auto-appeal feature to the Service Plus platform, the first of its kind in the country, would act as a turning point in maintaining transparency and accountability in services to the public.
Mehta said the feature is going to auto escalate the appeals in case the services are not provided to the applicant within the time limit set under the PSGA.
He advised the Information Technology Department to work on activating this feature for all the 445 services offered by the administration to people at the earliest.
“This attribute in online services is going to be the landmark in eradicating corruption and malpractices,” he said, emphasizing that this would promote fairness set as priority by the current dispensation in all of its affairs including offering of government employment and public contracts to its citizens on the basis of merit alone.
As per the officials, it was evident from the reports generated on service portal e-UNNAT (Jan sugam) that more than 90 per cent of services are being delivered to the public within stipulated time.
“Moreover, the rejection rate of applications is very low at around 5 per cent only with provision of giving feedback by the applicants through Rapid Assessment System (RAS) about their satisfaction level while availing such services,” an official said.

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