Dental & Diet Care camp held at home for homeless


JAMMU: Dietitian Mitali Gupta, owner of Slim Line Clinic of Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition and Ivory Harbour Dental Clinic organised a dental and diet camp for the inmates of Home For Homeless, Shelter Home Boria Basti, Kalka Colony. During the dental camp, doctors Dr. Umang Jamwal and Dr. Kunal Vuthoo conducted dental checkup of inmates. Medical aid was given to inmates and medicines were also distributed among them.
On the occasion, team Slimline headed by Dietitian Mitali Gupta , Sonam Gupta distributed six coolers and eatables to inmates. Dental care kits were also provided to inmates.
While speaking on the occasion Chief Guest Ex- Principal Parade College Prof. Vijay Luxmi said “One of the sights that disturbed us were old people living there and trying to recollect, why they were turned out by their children from their homes. She further said that I pray the efforts done by Dr. Mitali Gupta , Dr. Umang Jamwal and Dr. Kunal Vuthoos will inspire others to do good to society. Dr. Mitali and Sonam promised the inmates that they will get television installed in the home shortly.

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