Milky Mist’s Iconic Journey: Dr. K Rathnam’s Triumph Through Indian Railways’ Branding

Reflecting on Milky Mist’s journey, we delve into how they ingeniously executed offline marketing tactics in collaboration with Indian Railways. This exploration sheds light on the profound insights offered by Dr. K Rathnam, CEO of Milky Mist.

In an era where marketing is dominated by the virtual and online presence of any brand, embarking on a traditional journey of marketing and branding is rather remarkable and a unique approach in itself. Many distinguished brands in the consumer-centric industry come up with inventive campaign ideas that bring them closer to their consumers. Whether it is Zomato and Blinkit’s Billboard campaign or Nyka’s Beauty Bar campaign, leaving consumers in awe and making a lasting impression on their minds is absolutely crucial. This, after all, encapsulates the essence of branding.

Milky Mist, a prominent name in the Indian dairy industry, under the guidance of Dr. K Rathnam, concluded a successful offline campaign last month after completing several triumphant campaigns online for years. The team of Milky Mist ingeniously harnessed the power of the Indian Railways to execute an offline branding campaign that not only broke the clutter but also set new standards for creativity and success. We comprehended that targeting locations or tangible environments where consumers are gathered for longer hours will make a connection which will be paramount. Keeping this thought alive, we decided to leverage the diverse audience and extensive reach of the Indian Railways,” said Dr. K Rathnam.

The train compartments were transformed with the branding of Milky Mist’s most acclaimed product, Cow Ghee. Out of the Milky Mist’s 300+ product SKUs processed across 20 categories, pure Cow Ghee Pet Jar which comes under five different variants was displayed through a creative mix of color schemes to attract visibility from all the travelers. The compartments adorned artistic depictions of their product inside-out – whether it was the backseat of the chair, a dining table, or trays in which the food was served to the travelers; the fusion intertwined with Milky Mists’ unique experience. “This campaign was not just about passive visuals on the Indian Railways, but rather an invitation to all the passengers to be a part of the brand’s commitment to quality and freshness. This resulted in invoking a sense of belongingness and creating an enduring impact on the travelers.” Quoted Dr. K Rathnam Milky Mist CEO.  

It is extremely important to understand that any campaign that starts in the offline phase does not necessarily have to be confined to that realm strictly. It is the amalgamation of the two most unique channels of communication that broadens the scope of any campaign. Combining offline endeavors with online social media platforms resulted in an explosion of impressions and eyeballs; proving this campaign a complete masterstroke from the team Milky Mist. Apart from the attention and admiration, this campaign also translated into tangible business results. Sales figures saw a sharp increase, and the overall brand’s market presence strengthened considerably.  “I want to emphasize repeatedly that our organization’s foundation is rooted in ethics and principles. Our commitment is unwavering: We consistently strive to enhance the nutritional and wellness aspects for end-consumers, regardless of the circumstances. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the teams and their team members who participated rigorously throughout the planning till the execution of this campaign” answered Dr. K Rathnam.

Milky Mists’s train branding initiative stands as a testament to the prowess that offline marketing still holds in capturing the attention of the audience and creating compelling brand imagery. After the completion of this remarkable campaign, the team at Milky Mist has already begun their research work to take their next marketing initiatives a notch higher.

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