‘Mayor for A Year has set examples of work culture for centuries to follow’


JAMMU: The outgoing Mayor of Jammu city, Rajinder Sharma on Monday inaugurated the newly constructed Mayor’s and Deputy Mayer’s offices, conference hall for the future Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Councillors. Offices for supporting staff wherein a waiting room for the common public is also there in the newly inaugurated hall.
Tenure of the elected team of the Urban Local Body headed by the Mayor is going to end on Wednesday and tomorrow will be its last working day.
The newly inaugurated Conference Hall has a capacity of 125 around the table and if chairs are placed at its sides it can even accommodate 300 persons and the entire structure has been raised with the expenditure of Rs. 2 crore.
“The future Mayor, Deputy Mayor along with the entire future elected team of the Urban Local Body will now have good working conditions to deliver the people in a better way and this is a gift from the outgoing Mayor along with the working principle of transparent and accountable to uphold morals of the elected representatives for healthy democracy free from corrupt practices,” Mayor Rajinder Sharma said.
The new Conference Hall will have facilities like lift, retiring rooms etc to ensure comfortable working conditions of the modern age.
“I am hopeful that the future team of elected representatives in the Urban Local Body shall set new examples for work culture, honesty, dedication and public shall have an ease in addressing various issues to such honest representatives,” Sharma maintained adding: “My recently started anti-corruption campaign was only aimed to enlighten and motivate the masses to elect honest, educated and dedicated representatives so that the world’s largest democracy shall witness Jammu setting new roadmap and work culture for the world to follow.”
There was a strong applaud to Mayor’s exciting and thought provoking speech and all the officers present there along with Councillors lauded his role saying: “Mayor for a Year has set examples of work culture for centuries to follow.”

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