POJK part of J&K identity: Chugh


SRINAGAR: BJP National General Secretary and Incharge Jammu and Kashmir Tarun Chugh on Wednesday blasted the Abdullah and the Mufti families for creating a fake narrative on the J&K identity.
Chugh questioned why the Abdullah, Mufti and the Gandhi families have so far shirked from talking about Pakistan occupied J&K area.
“It is a matter of serious concern for the entire nation but Abdullah and Mufti would not talk about it because they are dancing to the tunes of exterior forces”, he added
“Leaders inimical to the nation are playing in the hands of foreign forces to provoke and mislead the people,” he said.
Chugh underlined that after Prime Minister Narendra Modi has ushered J&K in a new era of development and progress, the entire gang of Muftis and Abdullahs is nervous but people of the nation demand that they play a constructive role in bringing J&K back to the prosperous days. Chugh said people of J&K are proud of their identity and BJP is committed to protect that. But it is Abdullahs and Muftis, who must stop from spreading misleading narratives, he added.

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