CGC students develop smart device for rescuing people trapped in borewells

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 16: A group of students of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME), from Chandigarh Group of Colleges (CGC) Landran, have invented a Smart Borewell Rescue Operation Device designed to be used as a versatile and adaptive solution for the safe evacuation of people trapped in unused borewells.
Under the guidance of their guide, Prof Pradeep Gaur, ECE and ME students –Priyansh, Rahul, Mehak, Mohit and Vaibhav hope that this portable mechanism would assist NDRF and other rescue teams to safely extract victims trapped in boreholes/borewells by automating the process of recovery. A patent has also been filed by CGC Landran for this project.
The device comes equipped with an array of human/object detection sensors and cameras together constituting an advanced system for automatic detection of the person trapped in the borehole. The sensor-based camera will first help detect the precise location and exact position of the person ensnared in the hole.
The second set of sensors will then immediately begin to relay real-time information about all the vital parameters of the person including oxygen levels (SpO2), blood pressure and anxiety levels which will aid the rescuers to stabilize them with immediate medical attention and steady oxygen supply.
Post this, the Smart Borewell Rescue Operation Device would deploy a spherical dome like structure with cushioned interiors which will safely encapsulate the trapped person inside its cushioned interior and using hydraulic pressure mechanism, will commence the extraction process.
“Unused or unattended borewells which if left uncovered often lead to unfortunate mishaps where unsuspecting adults or children get trapped. There have been numerous such incidents which have cost many precious lives. We were saddened and deeply impacted to read about them and watch them being reported in the media. This is what inspired us to devise this mechanism,” said the students.

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