Concerns over resurgence of terrorist activities

Jammu and Kashmir Police apprehended three individuals involved in terrorism, including a Government teacher, seizing arms and ammunition from their possession in the village of Bahram Gala, Surankote tehsil, Poonch district, during a meticulously executed overnight operation. The consignment of arms and ammunition was surreptitiously smuggled from across the Line of Control with the assistance of the three arrested terror operatives. The regions of Rajouri and Poonch have borne witness to a disconcerting resurgence in terrorist activities, marking a stark departure from their erstwhile status as bastions of tranquillity. These twin districts, previously deemed immune to terrorism, have recently been marred by some of the most heinous terrorist acts. These acts not only have a civilian populace in their crosshairs but have inflicted significant casualties upon the valiant security forces. What compounds the gravity of these incidents is the audacious elusiveness displayed by the perpetrators of these dastardly attacks, persistently evading capture despite protracted encounters spanning days. A particularly alarming facet of these developments lies in the fact that these terrorists, orchestrators of reprehensible acts, continue to evade the clutches of law enforcement. Adding to the complexity of the situation is the discernible presence of sympathisers within the region, which serves as a substantial catalyst for the unbridled activities of these terrorist groups traversing the formidable Pir Panjal Range. This presence raises considerable apprehension and underscores the intricate challenges faced in curtailing the nefarious terrorist operations in the UT.
It is an undeniable reality that the Mughal Road has evolved into the most convenient conduit for the clandestine transport of arms, ammunition, and narcotics between the twin districts of Rajouri-Poonch and Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir Police find themselves compelled to devise a robust strategy to counteract this nefarious smuggling cartel. Beyond conventional road links, nefarious actors exploit dense forests and treacherous mountain routes to facilitate the surreptitious movement of weapons. Indigenous inhabitants, well-acquainted with these routes over decades, necessitate intelligence agencies to staunchly seal these illicit passages. These avenues, exploited by terrorists to orchestrate activities in one region and then escape across the Pir Panjal, have persisted for an extended duration. Recent and historical encounters have prompted a heightened focus by law enforcement and security agencies on this critical region. Bolstering intelligence efforts and maintaining vigilant oversight of suspicious activities constitute the crux of their operational priorities. Undoubtedly, complicit locals, possessing a detailed understanding of the region’s topography, play a role, both direct and indirect, in aiding terrorist endeavours.
In response to sustained pressure in Kashmir, terrorists have changed their strategies, utilising these twin districts as a logistical base for cross-border smuggling and a sanctuary following acts of terror. However the unrelenting surveillance by police has yielded invaluable intelligence, enabling the Jammu and Kashmir Police to dismantle numerous terror modules.
The success of operations of this nature underscores the efficacy of local intelligence networks in establishing reliable contacts. This commendable work must persist unabated. The involvement of local drivers raises alarms, necessitating thorough background checks. Ideally, implementing full-body vehicle scanners along the Mughal Road is a long-pending security requirement that brooks no compromise. The administration must expeditiously make a decisive decision in this regard. The participation of a Government teacher adds another layer of significant concern, demanding stringent measures. Terrorism, being an incessant battle, permits no room for complacency. The police must steadfastly maintain their vigilance and pressure to yield tangible and enduring results. The resurgence of terrorism in the twin districts demands a proactive and decisive intervention to crush it at its inception.

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