18th Lok Sabha: Does Opposition Have An Agenda

Manmohan Dhar

Since the beginning of a fresh parliament session in the newly formed 18th Lok Sabha, in the shape of its first walk out in the first session itself, even if it is considered as justified, it sent wrong signals as if opposition does not want any business to be taken up in the Parliament.
Any lack of interest on part of the opposition to extend a constructive hand to the incumbent dispensation at the centre to discharge its duties rightfully and selflessly for the overall development of the country is never in favour of a healthy opposition. It is the prime responsibility on part of the whole of opposition to be responsible towards the electorate who sent them to the parliament to take care of their interests and work for their betterment.
Entire opposition is politically answerable to the country to demonstrate a responsible role in the parliament. Opposition, cannot behave in a manner as if the parliament has ample time to resolve the less important issues in place of the issues confronting the Nation.
Political immaturity, if at all it is there, can prove to be contra indicative in so far as handling the position of a leader of opposition is concerned and also for taking the rest of your allies alongside while discharging the duties of the said position.
LOP is a position which carries a big task of responsibility and the dignity of behaviour. And to be able to do justice to the all important position you ought to possess the art, ability and the political will to handle this gigantic task of LOP.
Political experience plays an important role in being the eligible candidate for discharging your duties as the LOP. Public meetings, press briefings, election rallies and public interaction, relations with your political opponents, your visits abroad and above all your synchronisation with your own party members and activists is what formulates the qualities of a political leader to be able to hold a position of responsibility in the Lok Sabha which houses the hopes and aspirations of 140 crore people of your country.
If a person does not command these basic requisites of political maturity it is not advisable to nominate himself for a responsible position which expects of him to take not only his side but the treasury benches also into his stride in order to effectively discharge the duties he chose for himself.
A slight shift in rendering the duties truthfully for the overall benefit of countrymen can label not only him but the entire opposition ineffective and anti national. How far the incumbent LOP can do justice to this prestigious position is only a matter of “Wait and Watch”.
Home work in this regard is very important and it has to start from the process of looking into both the achievements and the shortcomings of the previous Government with a thoughtful mind and with a sincere approach. Opposition for the sake of opposition is not what makes you the real messiah of your people. In a healthy democracy it is the acknowledgment of achievements and at the same time reminding the Government of 2/2 their shortcomings so that what has been achieved can be improved and what is left can be taken care of. But, on the other hand if your political agenda somehow trends towards being a political obstruction in the smooth running of the Government for the over all development of the country and the people thereof, in that case it shall be nothing more than a political death and the absolute distrust among the countrymen. So, it is of the prime importance for everyone who holds a responsible position in the Lok Sabha to avoid the practices of hatred and disruption and start working shoulder to shoulder with the treasury benches to render the selfless duties towards the upliftment of the people who elect you with aspiration and hope. One most important part of home work comprises of looking into your own report card, your past practices, your behaviour with your party men and the political opponents, your irrational and unwarranted for activities, if any, in and outside parliament and also the contributions you made to lend a helping hand to the Govt. for discharging its duties more efficiently and fruitfully. You will have to go into depth in order to analyse your political will and constructive participation in making the house function smoothly and productively. And if you are sincere in your analysis and ready to accept your shortcomings it is definitely going to raise your trust among the masses and you are bound to achieve what you missed in your previous innings. Unhealthy political stance and extreme hatred for political opponents is unfortunately the wrong plank to ride on, for every political discourse. What is more dangerous for the country is when anybody allows foreign hand to intervene in the matters which pertain to one’s own country. This is Anti national and can amount to treason and anyone found guilty of treason is punishable under the law of land. And whosoever he or she is, and howsoever big he or she is, has to face the law. And if this happens to be the weapon to weaken the Govt. and thereby your country then it is not only dreadful and dangerous but it is at the same time shameful as well. Anyone who uses Anti national elements within the country, Anti national elements outside the country who are hell bent upon demeaning and harming their own country while collaborating with foreign elements there, who pay insanely huge money to them and use them as their stooges to destabilise Bharat, has to be handled as per the law of land. If the Govt. tries to mobilise its resources with a sincere intent towards accomplishment of developmental programmes, opposition’s role ought to be cooperative and constructive devoid of disruptive stances and Anti national utterances. If one happens to a true nationalist then in that case he has to shun such Anti national practices and come in the national main stream and help his country march towards being a developed country and a global super power as is the dream of every true Indian. Opposition with an agenda of cooperation is “National”. Opposition with an agenda of obstruction and hatred is “Anti national”. The country is watching.

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