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Shri Gou Gopal Paryavaran Sammelan


BHALWAL: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana on Saturday underscored the need for harmonious relationship between humans and nature, saying the civilized world might have awakened to the crucial significance of ecological balance since the past few decades but Sanatan Dharma has been focusing on it from Vedic times.
“The earth, rivers, mountains, and forests are revered and worshipped since the inception of Sanatan civilization as Goddess Prakrati”, Devender Rana said while addressing Shri Gou Gopal Paryavaran Sammelan at Seeri Paanditan here.
Rana extended warm birthday wishes to His Holiness Shri Gangadhar Shastri Ji Maharaj, expressing hope that his enlightening discourses will keep guiding the society and inspire people to participate in his noble mission for the greater good of humanity.
He said maintaining an ecosystem is imperative for the overall good of humanity, as a congenial and clean environment is indispensable for a healthy life. Abuse of the ecosystem like extinction of greenery particularly trees and damage to biodiversity can prove disastrous for the very existence of the human race. He, however, expressed satisfaction over growing awareness about the importance of the environment across continents and dialogue between global communities is promoting ecological balance.
Rana also lauded the mass campaign initiated by the Shri Gou Gopal Paryavaran Samiti and hoped that the reach out programme will be intensified in a big way for generating awareness about maintaining ecological balance. The need for such an initiative is all the more imperative because of the depleting green gold and growing population.
He said the relentless efforts of spreading environmental awareness through religious awakening discourses is bound to have a lasting impact on the people and motivating them to be part of this noble mission for the greater good of humanity. The youth in particular should be a focal point in such discourses to make them understand the crucial importance of a healthy and fit body for having a calm mind. Taking care of health is imperative before it is too late and to make it achievable, the awakening campaigns are of immense importance, he added.
He said the Samiti has made a niche for itself in the wake of its selfless services to mankind through Samelans, which will certainly help in generating mass awareness about the evils encountered by the society, especially on account of depleting forest resources and the other sources of environment degradation.
ana urged the people, especially the youth, to adopt a healthy lifestyle, saying health is the first and foremost prerequisite for a healthy society. He sought carving out of an enabling environment so that people lead a healthy and stressless life in a healthy environment that is the need of the time.

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