Maligning Hindus: Is it Rahul Gandhi’s deliberate move to appease vote bank?

Leader of Opposition (LoP) in Lok Sabha and senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi did it again. In his so-called 100-minute maiden speech as the LoP, he again traversed on his sinister and chosen path of demeaning Sanatan Dharam and belittling Hindus. So far, the Gandhi scion has got away for his boorish behaviour, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given some respectability by describing ‘Bal Budhi’ but the question arises whether Rahul Gandhi speaks all rubbish against Hinduism out of ignorance and just nonchalantly or with a purpose-purpose to appease vote bank of the Congress and pseudo seculars. Here is what opinion makers say:

Rahul Gandhi got a chance to become the Leader of Opposition, a dignified and most responsible position in parliamentary democracy. But he has failed to rise to the occasion by making the most irresponsible statement against Hindus.

Rahul Gandhi has hurt the sentiments of the people, who will obviously resent such types of irresponsible and reckless statements.
One can understand the motive-getting votes to sit in the cradle of power.

Rahul Gandhi should better sit at home. He doesn’t deserve to be in public life.
He doesn’t understand politics and he is politically naïve. Mark my word; he will never ever get in power.

Rahul Gandhi has been always speaking against Hindus. See how he displayed the picture of Lord Shiva in Lok Sabha. This is not acceptable. His statement against Hindus is deplorable and we condemn it.

Rahul Gandhi should apologize to the nation for his behaviour and what he said in the Temple of Democracy against Hindus. The remarks were uncalled for. Prime Minister Narendra Modi listened to his whole speech but what Rahul Gandhi did-left the Prime Minister’s reply to motion of thanks midway. Shameful!

Rahul Gandhi has used most wrong words for Hindus. It is wrong to call Hindus violent. We don’t approve of such a language.
He doesn’t seem to have any idea, least of all to speak about his

Rahul Gandhi calls Hindus ‘Hinsak” (Violent). This is unacceptable. Rahul Gandhi did this just for vote bank politics but he will never win on such planks. What has happened to him? Even a child speaks carefully after thinking. Doesn’t Rahul Gandhi think before he speaks.

Rahul Gandhi should apologize for his statement. He owes public apology for his comments about Hindus. He keeps on doing something or the other just to grab votes to come to power.

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