Are frequent Parliament logjams justified?

Being the largest democracy, India is supposed to be a role model for the parliamentarians across democracies the world over. However, the scenario is quite different, rather horrifying. Mere thought of the parliamentary proceedings in both the houses brings before eyes the disgusting scenes of hooting, shouting and using choicest invectives by the members. What can be more concerning for the nation than to reconcile with the fact that during the Budget Session last year 96.13 hours were lost in Lok Sabha and 103.30 hours in Rajya Sabha due to disruptions? This has become new norm for Parliament-a matter to ponder over.

Palk Sambyal
LLM student, Dept of Law, JU

Nowadays Indian Parliament has been reduced as a circus and the credit for all this goes to the opposition of the country! The BJP gaining the majority and forming the government was decision of the country but our opposition is not ready to accept this fact and is continuously trying to disrupt the sessions of Parliament just to degrade the image of government. Frequent logjams by opposition in the Indian Parliament often result from disagreements over policies, bills, or issues, leading to disruptions in proceedings. These logjams can stall legislative business, debates, and decision-making processes, impacting the functioning of Parliament and delaying important decisions and reforms.

Rajan Gupta
President, Sarv Shakti Sena J&K

Along rights comes responsibility. The least the Indian electorate expects from their chosen representatives is to work for the nation and fulfillment of aspirations of the people. But, regretfully, what we watch is far from we expect of Members of Parliament. Many of them remain busy in furthering their political agendas than solving the problems of the people. They have made Parliament a big joke by their actions and behavior.

Suneet Kumar Raina
The conduct of the opposition y leaders in Parliament is utterly unjustified. Instead of constructively contributing to the nation’s progress, they persistently attempt to disrupt the proceedings, create ruckus and hinder meaningful discussions. Their recent targeting of Hindus is particularly reprehensible, fostering division and hatred. Such divisive tactics undermine the country’s unity and hinder collective growth. The unjustified behavior of opposition party leaders in Parliament is really disgusting. They’re more focused on disrupting the environment than contributing to national development. Let’s promote unity and progress, not hate and intolerance!

Ravail Parihar
Research Scholar, JU

The Indian Parliament has been established by the will of the Indian people. People such as you and I have voted in the General Elections and given a bunch of people the authority to make decisions regarding our economic, social, environmental, technological, educational, cultural growth and development of Nation but in a way the opposition leaders are behaving in the Parliament is totally unjustified. They always try to disturb the environment instead of contributing towards the national development. Both the opposition and the treasury benches are expected to work in unison to meet the challenges faced to the country. The government should stop salaries of MPs for the days of disruption that can save lots of money spent on these non productive days which indeed could be used for welfare of the people.

Tushar Mahajan
Secretary Chamber of Traders Federation

From a democratic standpoint, parliamentary debates and discussions are crucial for thorough scrutiny and debate on legislative matters. However, frequent disruptions and logjams can hinder the functioning of parliament, delaying important decisions and legislative processes. The excessive disruptions undermine the efficiency and effectiveness of parliamentary proceedings. It leads to legislative paralysis, wasting valuable time and taxpayer money. Moreover, prolonged logjams can erode public trust in democratic institutions and the ability of elected representatives to fulfill their responsibilities.

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