Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhiya Pilgrimage

Raghu Nath Thakur
India, the land of gods, godnesseses, saints, and sages is abundant in many religious places, Shrines, Jyotirlingams, Chardhams etc. etc., which are the places of spirituality and worship, where devotees have great religious faith and visit the same occasionally as per their convenience. Jammu and Kashmir, which is considered as the Crown of India, is also a land of religious places which are found in every nook and corner of the U.T. Every village, Biradari has its own Kuldevi/Devta where the devotees quench their religious and spiritual thirst and also get their wishes fulfilled.
There are innumerable Hindu Shrines in Jammu and Kashmir. Prominent among them are Khir Bhawani in Gandarbal, Amarnath in Pahalgam, Vaishno Devi in Katra, Budha Amarnath in District Pooch, Sukrala Devi in Udhampur, Baway Wali Mata in Jammu, Sarthal Devi and , Machail Mata in Padder, Kishtwar etc. Out of these shrines, two shrines are known to be miraculous because special types of Darshans are observed/performed there. In Shri Amar Nath ji Shrine, dedicated to Lord Shiva, devotees perform the Darshan of naturally formed ice Lingams of Lord Shiva, his consort Mata Parvati and their son Shri Ganesh Ji. Devotees from all over the world know this fact and they perform Darshans of these natural Ice lingams during Yatra days only. In Machail Matta Mandir, dedicated to Goddess Chandi, for some moments, the devotees perform miraculous Darshans of observing lightning Jyots in the adjoining mountains in the evening. Chhaters offered in the temple, especially over the Mata Pindi, are observed moving naturally very slowly or their half hanging Pattis (leafs) look moving very slowly. One can also see movement in one or two beads of the hanging Nath, Kangan and Panjabikan / Ghungru on some occasions.
Besides these Shrines, there is one more shrine namely Shree Trisandhaya Mata , which is surrounded by many scenic places, lush green meadows and high snow peaked mountains where such miraculous Darshans are performed by the devotees. But this Shrine is still unknown to the devotees of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and the whole country. This shrine is located at a height of 2900 meters (approximately) from sea level near famous Brahma Parvat, believed to be the abode of Lord Brahma, in Village Anant Nallah of Tehsil Dachhan, District Kishtwar, J&K Union Territory. It is in the form of holy water stream (Ganga Mata) and flows about two/three km away from the Holy Hudh Mata Shrine. In this holy stream water flows miraculously thrice a day i.e. morning, noon and evening from the top of a hill and stops naturally, on some occasions. After flowing for 1/2 hours it starts decreasing from the bottom which is unusual. Thereafter, no water is seen in the stream. Pilgrims feel themselves lucky enough to have Darshan and a bath in this pious water. Besides, individual/personal Yatras, in connection of Mundan ceremonies etc, a collective Yatra is annually managed and performed to pay obeisance and get blessings from the deities. . In addition to the miraculous Darshans, the wishes of the devotees are also fulfilled. Shri Hudh Mata is known as Puter Diani, meaning thereby if a married couple does not have a child for 5/10 years, he makes a promise (sukhan). It is believed that Goddess blesses them with a child certainly. There are many instances where the couples have been blessed.
Programme of Yatra; This year the Annual Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhaya Yatra shall commence, with taking off pious Trishul Yatra, from Panch Narayan Mandir, Dharalan Nagri, Distt. Kathua on 8th July, 2024 with religious fervour and enthusiasm and after night halts at Hudh Mata Mandir, Beli Charana, Jammu, Gouri Shankar Mandir, Kishtwar, it shall reach Radha Krishan Mandir Sounder Dachhan on 10th July where it shall merge with the pious mace (Murti Saroop) of Shri Hudh Mata. On 11th July, the Yatra shall proceed further towards its destination and shall reach Bhawan on 14th July where a Hawan for the world peace and well being of the humanity shall be performed. Thereafter the Yatris shall proceed towards Trisandhiya Mata (Nadi), Doodh Ganga and Braham Sarovar located at the foot hills of Brahma Parvat to have pious baths. After paying obeisance, having darshans of naturally formed Shiv lingams at Hudh Mata shrine, getting blessings of Mata, the Yatris shall return on 15th July. Normally it takes nine days to perform the Yatra alongwith pious Chhari. But those who are short of time can perform the yatra in five days; two days by motorable road, two days on foot journey and one day’s halt. Any devotee willing to perform this Yatra shall have to reach Shri Hudh Mata Mandir Beli Charana, Jammu on 8th July.
The Yatra is managed by Shri Hudh Mata Trisandhiyaa Yatra Managing Committee Dachhan, Kishtwar, a Government registered N.G.O. which arranges free Langars and free accommodation/ tentage from Jammu to the Shrine for the convenience of the pilgrims.
To bring this virgin miraculous shrine on the religious tourist map of the Union territory/country, Government should accelerate the speed of construction of Steel bridges at Hori Nallah, Sounder and Suid nallah of Dachhan and also complete macadamization of Dangdhuru Dachhan road.
Construction of Suid – Anant Nallah motorable Road under PMGSY is immediately needed. 4/5 years before, the concerned officers had assured the construction of this road but so far nothing has been done, which, if constructed, shall certainly increase the flow of Yatris and other tourists who intend to visit the adjacent famous High Altitude National Park Kishtwar also.
Looking to the uniqueness and miraculous Darshans performed here, providing of helicopter service is necessary for convenience of the aged, weak, unhealthy persons, children and the outsiders who cannot travel such a long, tough and rugged distance on foot. Since 2015 the District administration is making all efforts to start the helicopter service to these Shrines, but so far nothing fruitful has come.

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