Take care of Eye Flue in Monsoon

Kanka Pandita

Onset of Monsoon not only brings much awaited respite from scorching heat but it is also creates a conducive atmosphere due to its high atmospheric humidity and moderate weather temperature that favours the generation of various infectious diseases. Conjunctivitis, commonly referred as Eye Flue, is one such contagious disease that mostly occurs in rainy season and breeds at crowed places where people tend to live in groups like students in educational institutions, playgrounds, gatherings, functions etc. Conjunctivitis is a type of infectious disease affecting eyes due to virus or bacteria those germinate in rainy season. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of transparent membrane called as conjunctiva that lines the eyelids and the eye ball. Because of viral or bacterial infection, the minute blood vessels in the conjunctiva of eyes get swollen due to this inflammation producing its various symptoms resulting in to redness of eyes, due to which it is also known as Pink Eye.
The common symptoms of Eye Flue are slight fever, watery discharge from eyes, swollen and sticky eyelids, redness of eyes, irritation, pain and uneasiness. The Good news about Conjunctivitis is that it is a minor infection and is not usually serious excepting for redness and swelling that might cause itching and looks bad. Germs causing Pink eye intensifies when eye are closed particularly during sleep due to which it tends to get worst during nights. To combat it, wash eyes with cold water and put any prescribed antibacterial ointment in your eyes before going to bed.
The reliable treatment of Eye Flue is quite simple by avoiding touching of eyes, wiping eyes clean at regular intervals to reduce the impact of its symptoms , using cold wash compresses to avoid dryness of eyes and putting in prescribed anti bacterial eye ointments to prevent any complications which also hastens recovery. But do not rub eyes and don’t rely on home remedies but do not take any oral antibiotics and avoid using contact lenses.
Washing of hands frequently with soap and applying sanitizers can prevent its spread besides avoiding sharing of clothes like towels, handkerchiefs etc. of infected persons. Not visiting crowded public places and going to swimming at pools can reduce the spread of conjunctivitis besides wearing of protective goggles can also reduce its symptomatic impact.
Like every year this season too Government and Health associated agencies are again undertaking sustained campaign in spreading measures to prevent and control conjunctivitis in their respective areas.
(The author is a medical freelancer from Santosh Medical College, NCR – Delhi )

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