Terrorism in last stages

The Prime Minister’s recent assertion that the fight against terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is in its final stages marks a significant moment. Over the past ten years, there has been a marked reduction in terror activities, including now non-existent stone-pelting and shutdown calls, a testament to the concerted efforts of security forces and the resilience of the local population. This period has seen significant initiatives aimed at improving security infrastructure, intelligence operations, and community engagement. The strategy employed is multi-pronged, involving a combination of military operations, socio-economic development, and political engagement. The involvement of local citizens in this fight is crucial, as it reflects a shift in the societal landscape where the local populace is increasingly rejecting violence and opting for democratic processes to decide their future.
Concurrently, the focus is on tourism and investment in J&K points to a broader strategy that integrates economic development as a counterterrorism measure. Tourism, in particular, is a vital sector for the UT, often referred to as “Paradise on Earth” for its stunning natural beauty. The revitalised tourism industry has boosted the local economy, which fosters a sense of normalcy and stability. Additionally, increased investment in infrastructure and business development creates jobs and improves the overall quality of life.
The PM’s commendation of the high voter turnout in recent elections is a critical indicator of democratic engagement in the region. The active participation of Jammu and Kashmir’s citizens in the electoral process is a powerful rejection of separatist ideologies and a vote of confidence in the constitution and democratic institutions. This democratic awakening is a significant achievement, as it reflects a shift from a history marred by shutdowns, strikes, and insurgencies. The high voter turnout is not just a statistic; it is a symbol of the people’s faith in democracy and their desire for a peaceful and prosperous future with the rest of the nation. The changes are visible on the ground.
A special commendation for the Jammu and Kashmir Police, intelligence agencies, and other security forces who have worked tirelessly over the past decade to dismantle the entrenched terror networks in the region. The decimation of hawala operators and the dismantling of terror modules, including those with political connections, were once considered unimaginable. However, the consistent efforts of these dedicated agencies have yielded tangible results on the ground. The cost of aiding terror groups has significantly increased, with the properties of both over-ground and under-ground workers being confiscated. This has effectively marginalised terror sympathisers and those with separatist ideologies, who now find no place in society. Additionally, the termination of Government employees with dubious backgrounds has struck a significant blow to separatism. Agencies such as the NIA, the ED, and the CBI have played pivotal roles in tightening the noose around the culprits. Their efforts have successfully broken the financial backbone of terrorism. These initiatives have received full support from the current Government, which has ensured that the best counterterrorism experts, spanning multiple ministries, are supervising the entire process.
Strategies are continually revised to adapt to the prevailing situations, ensuring optimal results. Under the PM’s guidance and assertive leadership, India has been raising the issue of terrorism at every possible international forum. These consistent efforts have led to increased global support for India in countering terrorism. This support includes the repatriation of terrorists, the confiscation of bank accounts, and various other back-channel measures. These successes are the direct result of diplomatic efforts and the compelling evidence provided by Indian agencies. While major terror incidents are now largely a thing of the past, sporadic incidents still occur. The journey is far from over, but the achievements so far provide a strong foundation for continued progress. As Jammu and Kashmir embraces a new era of stability and growth, the resilience of the people and the strategic vision of its leadership will be crucial in eradicating terrorism.

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