The Exam Scam Unveiled


In the realm where dreams take flight,
Where knowledge blooms in morning light,
Lies a shadow, dark and grim,
Where deceit twists, where truths are dim.
Exams, the gates to futures bright,
Should be fair, a beacon of right,
But whispers of a scandal seep,
Through corridors where secrets keep.
Paper trails that lead astray,
Promises of a brighter day,
Shattered hopes in silent screams,
Lost amid corrupted schemes.
Oh, exam scam, your poison spreads,
Through eager hearts and weary heads,
Yet truth will rise, undaunted, strong,
Exposing lies, correcting wrong.
Let fairness reign, let justice speak,
In every test, in every peek,
For knowledge earned through honest toil,
Shall triumph over fraud and coil.
So rise, O youth, bold and steadfast,
Let integrity guide your path steadfast,
For in the light of honesty’s flame,
We conquer all, and honor reclaim.
Dr Asha Rani



When at lows,
it’s a test of endurance
When at highs,
its attached of humbleness
why should you even be proud of what you have
when all that matters is who you are
life is a journey through mountains
so be sure to come down to climb the next
Even a small atom wants to be at its low to be stable,
then why humans are so eager to turn the tables.
Engrossed in money ,
Blinds with pride ,
Wait a second because that too shall slide.
Flower blooms , sun rises,
Birds sing , moon shines ,
and that too for free.
O human , don’t be so greedy , it’s a plea.
Gurman Kour
Bhour Camp, Jammu.

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