GST Verification API from Synctric: A simple approach to guarantee GST compliance

Today’s firms’ onboarding procedures are based on the idea of KYC, or “know your customer” or “know your client.” The majority of the KYC verification process is made up of due diligence procedures, which involve gathering preliminary client information, verifying various forms of identification, and keeping an eye on financial activity. It is crucial for business owners to make sure they are working with respectable and lawful partners/merchants. One of the most important steps in the digital onboarding procedure is to confirm the GST identification numbers (GSTINs) of your potential merchants. An application programming interface for GST is known as GST API. In order for two applications to communicate with one another, an API serves as a mediator. API is a crucial component of simplifying GST compliance. The GST API is discussed in the following sections. One such top fintech business, Synctric, controls all payment-client advancements while offering innovations and working closely with customers to provide a frictionless experience.

Synctric Technologies Pvt Ltd, a company that has caught on to the trend, offers strategic solutions to make regular business chores easier, especially for SMEs. It offers a variety of experiences with new inventions and discoveries. They vehemently support these companies transition to a digital platform, which they work to make seamless and secure. To maintain the public’s trust, quick, persistent, and proactive effort to ensure security, safety, and dependability is essential. Synctric & LivShop’s PAN card verification API suite, a recent addition, makes it simple for companies to build client confidence. This training is essential given the rising frequency of dishonesty and deceit. Before payouts and during onboarding, the API suite validates PAN card users, which helps small businesses in various ways, including reducing fraud and increasing sales.

When asked what is GST verification API, the founder of Synctric stated, “The means to confirm information such as business name, address, registration date, filing status, legal name, type of business, validity of GSTIN number, and information about the company linked to the GST number of any firms registered under GSTIN is by using the GST Verification API. With the integration of this API with the current system or ERP, mass GST number verification operations can be carried out. The GSTIN Verification API is incredibly practical, effective, and reliable. It can function flawlessly in these settings and in any circumstance. The GSTIN API aids in providing the ideal outcome in relation to one’s GSTIN. The GSTIN number only needs to be entered once into the system.”

Sharing further details about this unique brainchild, the founder of Synctric went on to add, “Synctric is aware of the significance of SMEs. We offer business accounts as a consequence, which are ideal for daily transactions and expenses. You may concentrate on managing your business with our assistance. The new GST verification API Suite from Synctric allows you to swiftly and easily confirm the legitimacy of your customers. It is dependable and rapid. With simple & easy connections with suppliers for speedy KYC and onboarding, you can verify GST online and get status updates in real time. The processing time for GST registration and verification would be shortened as a result.”

You can quickly automate the onboarding process for your customers using the GSTIN Verification API. The API is the ideal answer for your company because it is strong and simple to use. E-commerce marketplaces, B2B marketplaces, insurance companies, banks, and systems for processing and filing tax returns can all use this.

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