Dr. Nikhil Mahajan performs rare implantation of right sided CRT-D at SMVD Narayana Hospital, Katra


Dr Nikhil Mahajan and his team performed successful implantation of right sided CRT-D in a young female. The patient was admitted to the hospital with reduced heart functioning and was having symptoms of heart failure including shortness of breath, and fatigue.

However, the decision for Right sided CRT-D implantation was taken since the patient had history of Carcinoma left breast and underwent radiotherapy in the past which had damaged her veins on left side.

Explaining about the procedure Dr. Nikhil Mahajan said, “Right sided CRT-D implantation is a rare cardiac procedure as one catheter is available on the right side while multiple catheters are available for the left sided procedure”. As this procedure is done less often, this need special expertise and skill.

The Facility Director Sh. MM Mathawan while briefing about the world Class facilities at Narayana Hospital said “the patient underwent successful right sided CRTD implantation”.

He further added “SMVD Narayana Hospital with its World Class Infrastructure, Highly qualified Doctors and dedicated Paramedical Staff is well equipped to provide treatment for all ailments and people of Jammu now don’t need to travel to Metro cities for treatment.”

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