J&K Police, traders join hand in fight against drugs

Beopar Mandal, community leaders pledge support in fight against drug menace


JAMMU: In a united effort to combat the growing menace of drug abuse in the region, the Jammu Kashmir Police along with the business community of Jammu and general public organized an awareness march against drug menace on Friday at Gandhi Nagar, here.

The march on the Apsara Road was led by  Superintendent of Police Jammu South, Shaheen Wahid along with prominent citizens and witnessed a large turnout of concerned citizens and stakeholders, all committed to eradicate the scourge of narcotics from the community.

The participants, carrying placards and banners bearing anti-drug slogans, drew attention from residents and onlookers alike.

SP Jammu South, Shaheen Wahid led the march and addressed the gathered crowd.

She highlighted the devastating effects of drug addiction on individuals, families, and society as a whole.

While the Jammu Kashmir police is making all out efforts to root out this menace from the region, collaborative efforts are required from the society at large to achieve this,” she said.

She emphasized the importance of collective efforts in curbing this menace and urged citizens to play an active role in identifying and reporting drug-related activities.

Prominent citizens included Anil Kohli, Rajan Gupta, Ashwani Khullar, Avtar Singh Khalsa, Sanjay Gupta, Navin Gupta among others.

They expressed their commitment to a drug-free Jammu and stressed the need for a holistic approach involving law enforcement agencies, community leaders, and concerned citizens to tackle this issue effectively.

Appreciating J&K Police for this thought-provoking initiative, they pledged their complete support to Jammu Kashmir Police in its fight against the drug menace.

Their presence underscored the importance of a united front against this pressing issue.

Local residents who witnessed the march expressed their appreciation for this initiative, citing the need for continued efforts to address the drug problem in Jammu. Many pledged their support and willingness to collaborate in future initiatives aimed at eradicating drugs from their neighborhoods.

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