BJP to form Govt in Rajasthan; Gehlot set to lose even his own seat: Rana


JODHPUR: Asserting that the BJP is all set to form its government in Rajasthan with a thumping majority, Senior party leader Devender Singh Rana on Friday predicted imminent defeat of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Sardarpura seat in Jodhpur during the upcoming assembly elections.
“BJP is all set to sweep the Rajasthan polls and register a thumping victory “, Rana said while addressing Sangathan Baithak at Sursagar Assembly Constituency in Jodhpur, adding that the anger against Ashok Gehlot is growing for his misgoverance, non-performance, divisive and appeasement policies.
Rana, a senior BJP leader from Jammu and Kashmir, who is the Prabhari for Jodhpur, said that the people of Rajasthan are hugely disillusioned with the Congress in general and the Chief Minister in particular, and have made up their mind to show the anti-people government the door.
He described the Congress as a villain of democracy and said that for lust of power it can jump the red line and can even sacrifice the national interest. In this context he referred to rigged Jammu and Kashmir elections in 1987 post Rajiv Gandhi-Farooq Abdullah infamous accord that brought the sensitive border state to a situation of morass, leading to cult of violence unleashed by the neighbouring rogue country . Had Rajiv Gandhi not ignored the warning signals from the then Governor Jagmohan the Valley would have not plunged into the dark era of radical terrorism, witnessing the hounding out of miniscule Kashmir Pandit minority from their homes and hearths. He said but for the course correction by the BJP under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress with its lackeys in the political spectrum had brought Kashmir to disaster. “Talking about the political issues would certainly expose the Congress, which is solely responsible for all the ills afflicting the body psyche of the nation because of greed, lust and lack of vision of the dynasts”, Rana said, adding that the follies and wrongs committed by the grand old party during the past seven decades will manifest in the annihilation of the Congress. Such a scenario will fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi who had suggested disbanding the Congress immediately after the independence, he added. Rana referred to the ongoing BJP wave sweeping across Rajasthan and said that the people are eagerly awaiting the D-day to punish the Congress for its opportunistic and divisive politics. By spearheading the anti-Sanatan INDI Alliance, the Congress has drafted the script of its own annihilation, as the ‘Hate Modi Campaign’ has strengthened the resolve of nationalists to stand behind the Prime Minister like a rock to make India the Vishwa Guru. While the stature of the Prime Minister is growing leaps and bounds across the globe, the Modi haters back home are getting reduced as political dwarfs, he added. He complimented the Karykartas for reaching out to the last person in the society and ensuring massive support for the BJP, which will see the party triumphing with all its glory in the ensuing Legislative Assembly elections.

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