BJP trying to fish in troubled waters: PCC

‘Karnataka exam authority order’

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 14: The Karnataka Examination Authority order banning a head cover for some examinations is not against any religion and is general restrictions for all for examination process and not anywhere else in the state, so no body should fall in the trap of BJP- RSS over the issue.
Reacting to the statement of the BJP spokesperson trying to give communal colour to the issue, the Congress Media Coordinator, JKPCC Neeraj Gupta said that Congress doesn’t need certificate of secularism from any quarters, as it was Congress party led by Rahil Gandhi which took out a 4000 kms Padayatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir against the politics of hate and division in the country by the ruling BJP.
He said that it is the general order of an examination authority dealing with the conduct of examinations, with regard to restrictions in the said examinations only not in the public places or otherwise in the state. Neither it is with regard any religious practices in the public and should not be so misinterpreted like BJP, which is trying to fish in troubled waters, as tried by one of spokespersons of the party today while another spokesperson of the same BJP tried to support the same order in a media debate today.
The BJP should clarify and justify its double standards on its stands and stop trying to give communal twist over the issue as it’s credentials are known to everybody, he added.

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