Moitra breached the trust of voters for her cheap personal gains : Chugh

  • PM’s popularity touches new high as he connects with the poor in the country : Chugh


CHANDIGARH: BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh today said that the suspension of TMC MP Mahua Moitra would be a black chapter in the history of the Parliament.

“Moitra not only breached the confidence that the people of Bengal had reposed in her but also cheated the entire Parliamentary system for her frugal personal gains and benefits”, said Chugh.

He said the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha  has made very serious observations about her conduct as an MP. “It reflects clearly how the TMC is playing in the hands of elements who have vested interests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, Chugh said.

He said there has always been a conspiracy against the Prime Minister with the involvement of the Opposition leaders. But it will stoop so low to the limits of threatening the Parliamentary system, was never thought of. The TMC has set new low records in cheating the trust of voters for personal gains”, he said.

Meanwhile, Chugh hailed the Prime Minister for being the most popular leader with a global approval rating of 76 per cent, according to ‘Morning Consult.

He said it was because of the prime minister’s commitment to the poor and the deprived and providing them facilities like free foodgrain and gas connections etc that he is adored as a real leader of the nation.

“After the recently concluded assembly election results in five states, even an international poll has given a thumbs up to Modi’s guarantee and magic, which is about his model of governance and delivery,” Chugh added.

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