Asia’s largest Tulip garden reopens amid sparse blooms

Tourists visit in huge numbers, express joy

Irfan Tramboo

Srinagar, Mar 23: The Tulip garden in Srinagar, Asia’s largest, reopened today for locals and tourists from different parts of the country with limited blooms.
As soon as the garden opened early in the morning, tourists flocked to cherish its beauty, filled with nearly 1.7 million tulips this spring, enough to captivate the visitors when in full bloom.
Officials reiterated the new additions made to the Tulip garden this year, as well as the total count of flowers that are expected to mesmerize visitors.
“We have been waiting for this moment, as have the visitors and locals. Additions remain our focus every year, and this year, we have added 5 new varieties of tulips; the rest of the flowers are 1.7 million bulbs set to bloom this season,” said Asif Ahmad, Assistant Floriculture Officer, Tulip garden. Click here to watch video
Arti Tiwari, a tourist from Madhya Pradesh, expressed her feeling of awe; however, she noted that the authorities should have waited a few more days before reopening the garden.
“I liked it here, but the tulips are not in full bloom yet. They should have waited, and that would have ensured better scenery for the people. Seeing them blooming would have made us happy. Nevertheless, the beauty is beyond words,” she said.
It is worth noting that the tulips were not in full bloom yet on the day of reopening as was expected, with officials stating that in the next few days, the garden will present a breathtaking view.
Pallavi, another tourist from Assam, also expressed similar feelings about the limited bloom; however, she noted that even the little bloom made her happy.
“I visited the garden for the first time; the bloom is less, but we are happy with whatever we could see,” she said.
The Assistant Floriculture Officer also highlighted the significant turnout of people from different parts of the country and outside. “We hope they will enjoy their stay. In the next few days, there will be full bloom,” he said.
Chitra Agarwal, a tourist from Hyderabad, said she would come back in the next few days to experience the amazing beauty of the Tulip garden.
“Coming here was amazing; it is like a dream coming true. We will also come back in the next few days to cherish its beauty to the fullest,” she said.
Situated along the picturesque banks of Dal lake, the garden offers a mesmerizing spectacle when the tulips are in full bloom, drawing not only locals but also tourists from various parts of the country and beyond.
The relevant department commenced preparations over a week in advance, tending to the flower beds, clearing weeds, and ensuring the soil remains clean and well-aerated.
In discussing visitor numbers, officials mentioned that last year saw 3.77 lakh people visit the garden within just 30 days, and they anticipate surpassing this record with an even higher turnout this year.
They also highlighted the addition of new tulip varieties, bringing the total to 73, emphasizing that these new varieties will enhance the visitors’ experience, further enhancing the garden’s splendor.

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