Sangarmal traders protest over poor condition at complex

Excelsior Correspondent

SRINAGAR, Mar 23: A group of shopkeepers gathered today to protest against the authorities for inadequate facilities at the Sangarmal Shopping Complex.
President of the Sangarmal Welfare Association, Ashiq Ahmad, voiced grievances, stating, “There are numerous issues we are facing while the authorities are turning a blind eye to our plight.”
Among the complaints, he highlighted the disconnection of power supply by the Power Development Department (PDD), resulting in non-functioning elevators, lifts, and other essential amenities.
Additionally, the lack of water supply adds to the difficulties faced by the shopkeepers and customers. The shopkeepers expressed frustration, stating, “If they (authorities) don’t want to maintain it, they should shut it down. We are experiencing sheer injustice.”
Despite multiple visits to the Srinagar Development Authority (SDA), their concerns have fallen on deaf ears. “We have met the concerned officials, but we have not seen resolution of our issues.”
The President of the association pointed out that despite paying rent until March, the authorities have failed to address basic maintenance issues such as installing bulbs and repairing leaks, “leaving the building in a state of disrepair and adversely impacting businesses.”
Another shopkeeper, Aijaz Ahmad, added to the grievances, citing the PDD’s claim of unpaid dues by the SDA as the reason for disconnecting electricity.
He further highlighted the concerning presence of drug addicts behind the building, posing a threat to business operations.
The shopkeepers urged the Commissioner of the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) to visit the complex and witness firsthand the dire situation they are facing.

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