Support Saroori for his track record, performance: Nizami

Excelsior Correspondent

RAMBAN, Mar 31: While seeking support for DPAP candidate G M Saroori, senior party leader Salman Nizami has criticized the Congress party for its endorsement of `communal leaders’ during current elections.
Addressing party meeting at Khari in Banihal today Nizami expressed deep concern over Congress’s resort to divisive politics, which he believes reflects their acceptance of defeat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized that promoting communal politics out of frustration not only undermines the democratic ethos but also betrays a lack of constructive ideas and vision.
He urged political parties to focus on inclusive policies and development agendas rather than divisive tactics that harm social harmony. Nizami called upon the workers and the public of Banihal to extend their support to GM Saroori, the DPAP candidate contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He emphasized Saroori’s reputation for integrity and dedication, describing him as a principled and hardworking leader. He assured the electorate that Saroori, if elected to Parliament, would effectively advocate for and address the pressing issues faced by the constituency on a national platform.
Nizami acknowledged the significant role played by DPAP leader Ghulam Nabi Azad, highlighting Azad’s vocal opposition to the abrogation of Article 370 and his consistent efforts against land evictions. He emphasized that DPAP is the foremost party championing critical public issues across various platforms. Nizami called upon the public to recognize DPAP’s track record of standing up for the people’s rights and urged their continued support for the party’s endeavors in driving positive change and progress.
Among others who were present on the ocassion were Fayaz Naik DDC, Munner Bhat, Alyas Banihali, Dr Asif Khanday, Bashir Ahmed Naik and Ayoub Naik.

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