“Congress ka haath…,” PM Modi tears into Congress leaders for questioning forces, killing of Hemant Karkare

Khargone (Madhya Pradesh), May 7: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the intent of Congress is very dangerous, it calls for “vote jihad” against Modi, and claimed that after every stage of voting, Congress is reaching the “peak” of its love for Pakistan.
Addressing a public rally in Khargone, PM Modi said that the Congress and INDI alliance are not concerned about our “faith or national interests.”
“In Pakistan, terrorists are threatening to do Jihad against India. Congress is also asking certain people to vote jihad against Modi. They are asking the people of a certain religion to vote against Modi. To what level has the Congress stooped? They are surrounded by hopelessness. Is vote jihad acceptable? Can this be allowed in a democracy?” PM Modi said.
Prime Minister Modi further slammed the Congress saying that certain leaders in the party had shown their love for Pakistan by criticising the Army.
“After every phase of voting, Congress’s love for Pakistan is reaching its peak. A former Congress CM said that our army carries out terror attacks, and Pakistan is innocent. Look at the shamelessness of another big Congress leader, he said that Pakistan had no role in the Mumbai terror attack. Another leader of Congress’s ally party threatens India… saying Pakistan is not wearing bangles,” the PM said.
“I ask the prince of Congress, what is the intention of these colleagues of yours who are speaking? Why so much love for Pakistan and so much hatred for our army? That’s why people say – ‘Congress Ka Haath’,” the PM further said.
PM Modi said that to understand how dangerous the intentions of Congress are, one must listen to those who had been in Congress for 20-25 years but have now left the party.
“These people who are leaving Congress are breathing fresh air and saying, ‘Enough is enough’. One woman (Radhika Khera) said that she was tortured so much for going to the Ram Temple, that she had to leave Congress. Another said that the Congress is hijacked by the Muslim League and Maoists. Another one revealed a huge plan. He said that Congress’ Shehzada wants to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Temple just like his father reversed the SC’s decision in the Shah Bano case,” he added.
PM Modi emphasised that India is at a turning point in history and urged the people to decide whether “vote jihad” will prevail or “Ram Rajya” will be established.
Polling is going on for 93 Lok Sabha seats across 12 states and union territories in the third phase of the general election on Tuesday.
The Khargone Lok Sabha constituency is scheduled to go to polls on May 13 in the fourth phase of polling.
The Lok Sabha elections are being held across seven phases, from April 19 to June 1. The counting is scheduled for June 4. (Agencies)

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