ULLAS – Nav Bharat Saksharta Karyakram; A Drive to Educate All

Meena Thakur

ULLAS – Nav Bharat Saaksharta Karyakram is a centrally sponsored scheme launched by Department of School Education & Literacy , Ministry of Education, Government of India on 1st April, 2022 to cover all the aspects of Education For All (Previously termed as Adult Education) aligned with NEP 2020. The scheme is targeted at all non-literates of age 15 years and above and has five major components which are necessary for a citizen of the 21st century: Foundational Literacy and Numeracy; Critical Life Skills; Basic Educationl; Vocational Skills Development; and Continuing Education.
As per the recommendations of the National Education policy 2020 the Government of India have launched centrally sponsored scheme called New Indian literacy program popularly known as ULLAS(Understanding of lifelong learning for all society) for the period of five years from 2022-2027. It is a transformative step towards promoting basic literacy and essential life skills in India. The prime objective of this mission is the empowerment of all adults above the age of 15 years, who, by one or another reason have failed to seek the education and to enable them to contribute for the growth and development of the nation.
The objective of this scheme is not only to impart FLN (foundation literacy and Numeracy)but to also cover other components which are necessary for a citizen of 21st century including digital literacy Financial literacy, commercial skills, health care Education, family welfare, vocational skill development with view towards obtaining local employment.
ULLAS Process is completed in following steps:
Survey and Registration: The local government school/aided school, registered under UDISE, will help in identifying the surveyors in a given mapped area and the surveyor will be responsible to carry door-to-door searches to identify the learners and Volunteers. Identification of Learners and Volunteers: A learner is a non-literate who will be enrolled in this program to receive education. The Volunteer will be an educated citizen who will help to train the learners.
Tagging of Learners with Volunteers: This process will help identify and connect a VT with the respective learner to provide literacy.
Learning & Certification: The learners will login into the system they can access all study material, appear for the test to gauge their progress and apply for the certification after the completion of the program. Once the learners clear the test will be rewarded with certification
This scheme is being implemented through volunteerism, promoting social responsibility and a sense of duty or kartavyabodh. The learners are encouraged to access the content in regional languages of Education for all on Diksha portal as well as on ULLAS mobile app CNCL (Cell for National Centre for literacy) has developed teaching learning materials for Neo literates such as primer, work sheets and Assessment item’s as well as critical life skills as exemplar in print and non print mode.
ULLAS continues to act as a beacon light for illuminating the path to education and personal growth. The curriculum has been designed keeping in mind the socio-cultural and economic context of the learner. To me, this scheme is much more than a literacy program; it is a movement, a drive or a mission to enlightened and empowered the non-literate citizens of India. It is believed that literacy is fundamental human rights and in 2009 indian parliament passed the right to education act in which under article 21 A Right to education was declared as fundamental right for the children between the age group of 6 to 14 year, now it was mandatory to have same provisions for the education of all those non-literate who are above the age of 15 and above .
ULLAS is the program through which the learners who embark in this journey not only learn to read and write but also make a significant difference in their lives. Although this program is ment for all non-literate but priority has been given to girls, women SC/ST/OBC/Minorities, divyangjans, workers labours . The Jammu & Kashmir UT with a literacy rate of 67.16 % is far behind of the national literacy rate (72.98%) and under such circumstances it needs special attention of the all concerned to achive the cherished desire of 100% literacy by working hard for the implementation of ULLAS program.
Likewise, State Council of Education Research Training (SCERT) Jammu aims to achieve 100 percent literacy rate in districts with lower levels through the establishment of ULLAS centers for education purposes. SCERT is working on it and there should be Education for all to address the challenges faced by under privileged district. I would like to say “Padega Bharat Tabhi Bhadega Bharat”.

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