“For BJP, politics about nation-building, not forming govts”: Rajnath

Lucknow (UP), May 10: Amid the political showdown over the Congress’ promise of wealth redistribution and an alleged fake video claiming purportedly that the RSS stood against reservation, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh came out in praise of the Sangh saying it has never believed in separating or dividing people on religious lines.
Addressing a public event in Lucknow, the Raksha Mantri clapped back at the Opposition over its divisive charge at the BJP, saying that his party practices the politics of ‘nation-building’ and not merely forming the government.
Invoking his RSS background, the BJP stalwart said, “I have never had any hesitation in saying that I am a Swayamsevak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). I can say with absolute confidence and conviction that the Sangh doesn’t believe in separating Hindus from Muslims. For us, politics is about nation-building and is not merely intended at forming governments. There are those whose brand of politics is merely oriented towards forming governments using any means possible. However, we are not among them.”
He said the BJP has taken the perceived crisis of confidence and credibility around those associated with politics as a challenge.
“There is a crisis of confidence and credibility around those in politics. This sense has permeated the national conscious and entrenched itself since independence. However, if there’s anyone who has taken this crisis as a challenge and is fighting to restore the eroded public trust and credibility to those associated with politics, it is the BJP,” Rajnath said.
He added that the country, which ranked 11th in terms of its GDP under the Congress-led UPA, was now the fifth-largest economy and poised to become the third-largest in the coming years.
“Between 2004 and 2014, when the Congress-led UPA was in power, we ranked 11th among global economies. However, within eight years since Narendra Modi took the country’s reins as PM, our economy jumped from the 11th to the 5th position. And it is being said our economy will be the third-largest in the world, before long, if it keeps growing at its current pace,” the Raksha Mantri said.
Also assuring the people that the country’s borders were safe and secure, Rajnath said, “I urge the Opposition leaders to stop questioning or doubting the valour of our armed forces. When it comes to border or national security, all parties should rise above their differences and speak in one voice. We should stand together regardless of who is in power.” (Agencies)

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