Is Hindu pride vexing Rahul Ji?

Shiban Khaibri
” Only two things are infinite,
the universe and the human stupidity ,
and I am not sure about the former ” (Albert Einstein)

In Bharat, how strange and shocking it looks that many a time, rather routinely, Hindus are mocked, ridiculed, derided, defamed and even their religion, the oldest in the world , is continuously dared to be treated with irreverence, generally by certain politicians . When it all is being done by those who call themselves Hindus , it is doubly sickening and stunning. Perhaps, in the heart of hearts , Gandhi Ji and Mr. Nehru , the indubitable leaders of the time , bowing and succumbing to the pressure tactics and threats of Mr. Jinnah led Muslim League and partitioning this country , must have thought that at least, the ordeal of Hindus etc in left over part of India would be over after implementation of the partition formula scrupulously. Had that formula been sincerely implemented from this side, among other things , the cause and the need of the institution of appeasement would have got in-fructuously pre-empted. Since that was not done, Hindus remained at the receiving end. Congress Party supported intermittently by Communists, to some extent, ensured to keep Hindus always under an unspecified guilt complex only to keep clinging to the power. For the sake of appeasement , right from Nehru down to the last Congress led government , many policies and decisions were taken which not only institutionalised appeasement, even to the extent of negating the existence of Shree Ram, the soul of this country, but turned it into a secured Vote Bank.
In this connexion , perhaps, to keep this vote bank consistently in good humour , cajoled , coaxed and fully assured, Rahul Gandhi , the LoP in the new Lok Sabha made his maiden speech on July 1, but the same was found wanting in the expected grace of due discretion, choosing of words and demonstrating patience of prioritising the issues befitting the important post of an LoP. Hindus in general, were insulted which like this writer must have hurt most of other devout Hindus.
It is generally believed that the Congress has remained conventionally not comfortable with and sympathetic to Hindus, it might have been the subject of some haze , confusion or avoidable compulsion but from the date Rahul Gandhi entered active politics and when even according to him, “My mother came to my room and cried because she understands that power is poison ” saying this in January 2013 after taking the Party’s new mantle, saw only debacles and defeats in elections , one after the other. How , despite that electoral reality, metaphoric political poison was gladly accepted , swallowed and found like ambrosia , shows the double speak , prevarication and preference to speak fictions. Similarly, holding copies of the Constitution too is deemed to be just a stratagem and not any intrinsic regard there-for . Even now, just getting 99 seats in the elections should not inspirit Rahul Gandhi to park at goading in such a way that he, at will and for no reason or any ground, should resort to Hindu bashing. ” Those who call themselves as Hindus are spreading violence, violence, violence, hate, hate, hate, lies, lies, lies” . Linking violence , hate and lies with Hindus is just a canard, brazen white lie, historically and factually totally incorrect and such assertions smack of either total ignorance, prejudice, or generating hate and anger to provoking groups of people to create large scale chaos and mutual ill will only to get some electoral gains. That is all unacceptable.
In any political discussion, what the hell is there in having the compulsion of unnecessarily dragging Hindu faith or for that matter any faith. All faiths deserve reverence and respect .What is the rationale of tossing and waving Holy images and symbols in the Parliament and surprisingly, the Speaker not objecting to and preventing it. What is being intended to be conveyed and for what purpose ? Ruffling feathers to somehow bringing in the religion and thereafter claiming to be something ”secular” is beyond comprehension. What is this “Abhaya Mudra” and what has it got to do in the Parliament ? Abhaya or gesture of fearlessness is only a personal affair and belief and who in the Parliament is supposed to be afraid of or not afraid of whom or even outside , even a common man, unless one has committed a crime ,thieved, indulged in corruption, likely to facing a court trial and expecting a conviction. Which of the problems the country is facing, were going to be resolved by displaying religious ”Mudras’ with the election symbol of the Congress Party? Is there any logic or substance in it?
Are gullible Indian people continued to be taken for a ride they used to be like through seasonal slogans of “Gareebi Hatao” and now Rs.8500 every month under “Khatta Khatta Khatta Khatta mode”? When , where and to whom Lord Shiva has said what Rahul Gandhi referred to in his speech of more than 90 minutes ? To whom and when and where the Lord said, “Daro Mutt”. Who said that the Trishul or the trident of Lord Shiva is for spreading peace hence kept embedded in earth ? Rahul Gandhi must know the significance of Lord Shiva’s Trishul. Creation, Preservation and Destruction are the three prongs of the Trishul . Trishul is the supreme power and authority of Lord Shiva . Cosmic order and the cycle of creation and destruction symbolise the Trishul and not what Rahul Gandh tried to twist and ”invent” to prove not known what ? Therefore, what is the purpose of spreading inanes and manufactured stories concerning Hindu faith and its religious deities ?
Usually, when some politician puts foot into his mouth, as a damage control exercise, but all in futility, it is either said that “it was not intended as such”—“my words have been quoted out of context”— “the media has misrepresented my statement” like futile clarifications later follow . In the same way, it was later told that Rahul Ji had said it all in respect of the BJP and the RSS. But why, dragging in Hindus? If there is any instance of hate, lie, violence etc indulged in by any follower of these organisations, name him or her and book them legally, get them shamed and punished . Why to cast unsparing aspersions and falsehood on a whole community? Who gave such a licence to Rahul Gandhi? This is not any isolated instance of Hindu phobic mindset. Remembering his words in Dharavi Maharashtra on March 18 this year ” There is a word Shakti in Hinduism, we are fighting it “. His mocking Hindutva and tearing it apart from Hindus is as misleading as it is motivated. How can you separate Hindu from Hindutva , light from the sun, the coolness from the water, the fragrance from a flower, a part from the whole? Again saying, “this country is not of Pujaries” smacks of divisive and hateful approach . Who had said to the American Ambassador in December 2010 that there was more threat to India from the growth of Hindu radical groups than other known terror organisations? At that time, BJP was not in power in India, Congress led UPA was. Who from Congress Party had invented “saffron terrorism”.? Is that even remotely connected with any reality? Who from the top Congress leadership in his book “Sunrise from Ayodhya” had denigrated the RSS with unthinkable analogy .
Rahul Ji, you never spoke a word about the persecution and atrocities faced by Kashmiri Hindus and who were hounded out from their 5300 year roots in Kashmir forcibly and are still in wilderness for nearly 4 decades. None of these innocent Hindu victims ever picked up a stone let alone indulging in any violence . You never lamented over how their selective killings took place and how even toddlers were showered bullets in massacres like in Wandhama , Nadimarg etc. Are they , even anyone from them ,being Hindus – violent, liars and hate mongers ? Many of them are BJP followers but they never are what you labelled Hindus as. Hindus do not harm let alone kill even venomous reptiles but are treating them kindly. A Hindu keeps and feeds a portion of one’s food to birds and pet animals. Even ants are fed with rice, sugar etc. We even treat a living tree and vegetation with love, devotion and tender.
Allegations and lies coupled with hate mongering was all that should have not been even remotely in the speech of the LoP in the Parliament , not only in respect of Hindus of this country but about sensitive matter related to the Defence as well. The allegation that any Agniveer attaining martyrdom is not treated as a martyr and no monetary compensation is paid was rebutted not only by the Union Defence Minister in the House but by the family members of a martyred Agniveer right on the television screen, getting an amount of Rs.1 crore. What was sought to be conveyed by such untruth about the Agniveer scheme except generating fear, uncertainty, confusion and suspicion in new aspirants and those already in service? Yes, there is scope for making the scheme more attractive, viable and robust . The opposition is elected this time in reasonable strength and decidedly should question, ask, corner, pressurise and hold accountable the government wherever the need is felt both inside and outside the Parliament . The aim should be taking this country forward in every aspect to make it an economic and military power. The aim should be a healthy criticism to ensure taking corrective measures where there appears to be anything going against the interests of the people and the country. The aim should be to cooperate with the government to fight corruption, terrorism, separatism and non-performance. Cooperation and not any confrontation is the need of the hour . The country belongs to the BJP in the same manner it belongs to the opposition hence no scope of any belligerence inter-se.

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