No Politics of Vendetta


It has now been established beyond doubt that BJP has stooped too low and is doing vendetta politics as it has used the country’s top institutions against the BJP rivals and has lately arrested the lawfully elected chief minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and has thus raped and murdered democracy .Earlier also BJP has used the countries agencies against its political opponents and it is every bodies knowledge that BJP is doing the politics of vendetta and vengeance. BJP is hell bent to intimidate ,harass and exploit its political opponents and thus is using and to be specific misusing the countries constitutional bodies against its political opponents and is thus settling political scours with the opposition political leaders and is implicating the politicians of the opposition parties in false and fabricated cases .There is lack of dissent and difference of opinion in the BJP rule and the BJP government is not allowing any space to dissent which is the necessary ingredient and doctrine of democracy .It is using the government agencies against the opposition leaders and is thus stifling dissent and it has used and continues to use and misuse he constitutional agencies against its political rivals and it wants a free play and wants an opposition less governance which is undesirable in a democracy.BJP wants to leech to chair and perpetuate its rule by hook and crook and thus does not allow political space to the opposition leaders.BJP is not feeling shy of getting arrested those opposition leaders who criticize the government functioning and its anti people policies.BJP has got arrested a big number of politicians simply because they were not favoring its policies and way of governance and were not eye to eye with the working of its government and thus has got implicated its opponents in frivolous ,false ,concocted and fabricated cases which are far from reality .The powerful institutions of the government are being used to settle political scours with the opposition politicians .It is using ED,CBI,IB and other such agencies against the opposition leaders and is framing false cases against them and is forcing them to fall in line and stop opposing BJP .Thus has the BJP government implicating Rahul Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi ,Manish Sisodia ,Sanjay Singh,K Kavita and lately the CM of Delhi who is the darling of the Delhites in false and fabricated cases to silence the voice of dissent .The BJP government has got arrested these and many other leaders and the list of arrestees is very long. It is also intimidating the TMC leaders of West Bengal and framing false and imaginary cases against them and all this is BJP doing to harass and shut the mouths of its opponents .The high profile arrest of Kejriwal is not an ordinary arrest but is extra -ordinary one and it is the arrest of the duly elected chief minister and it is against the people of Delhi who have voted Arvind Kejriwal to power for the third time in succession as the chief minister of Delhi and in these state assembly elections BJP was defeated again and again and now the BJP government is resorting to vindictive and vendetta politics to show its brute majority at the central level .But the arrest of Delhi CM Kejriwal will boomerang on AAP and will spoil the election results of the BJP and thus will recoil on the BJP and damage its poll prospects not only in Delhi but across the country .The AAP and the INDI bloc will definitely gain from the arrest of Kejriwal and thus politically the decision to arrest the Delhi chief minister will recoil on the BJP and it will have to repent on this decision of the ED at the behest of the centre government.TMC national general secretary Abhishek Banerjee cautioned the people that if BJP comes to power in 2024 Lok Sabha election it will go out of the way to stop Bangla Shasya Bima and Lakshmir Bhandar. ”BJP believes in the politics of vendetta and they will try to stop Lakshmir Bhandar and Kisachn bima schemes .The beneficiaries belonging to general category under Lakshmir Bhandar will get Rs 1,000 and SC and ST Rs 1,200 from First April .”he said .He further said the election in 2024 is to establish the right of the people and protest against the lies circulated by BJP .He said after getting a thrashing in 2021 Assembly elections ,the BJP took revenge and refused to clear the dues ,of Awas Yojana .They have not cleared dues worth Rs 8,000 crore .Rest assured if the centre does not pay the money ,Didi has assured that state government will construct houses in batches .Congress accuses BJP of misusing central agencies to tarnish the image of Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Bhagel .Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Bhagel said ED has made an extremely malicious move to tarnish my image before elections .Congress has responded sharply to BJP following claims ,made by ED against Chhattisgarh CM .Addressing a press conference ,congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh claimed that with the defeat of the BJP certain in some states including Chhattisgarh assembly polls ,the saffron party has misused central agencies ,such as the ED and CBI .Ramesh said rightly that BJP is indulging in vendetta politics.PM has unleashed his last remaining astra -ED -the Modiastra to damage the reputation of congress leaders .Earlier the CBI carried out raids at various places including Mahua Moitra residence in Kolkata in connection with the cash for query probe.TMC had lashed at the BJP alleging vendetta politics after CBI raided the premises of expelled MP Mahua Moitra in the cash for query case.” This is an attempt to divert the public and media attention from various burning issues .The BJP appears to be sensing growing public discontent ,and they are using every means at their disposal to change the narrative.This is a clear example of vendetta politics, ”Moitra had denied wrongdoing ,and is set to contesting the 2024 Lok Sabha polls on TMC ticket from Krishnanagar in west Bengal .The current misuse of the ED by the government of BJP is the arrest of the Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and this is the height of political vendetta against the political opponents by the BJP .There should be no place for political vendetta in Indian democracy and the BJP should realize that it is digging its own grave by arresting Delhi chief minister and thus it should stop the dirty game of political vendetta and vengeance against those political leaders who do not fall in line to BJP.
(The author is a columnist, social and KP activist).

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