Under the ‘Pradhanmantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana’, skill development centers have been established at various places by the Government of India for the purpose of skill development among the youth. Through these centres, the skills of the youth are developed through various types of training. Schemes like Startup India, Standup India are also noteworthy in this context. Under these schemes, various types of grants and tax benefits are provided to technology based industries in India. Through these schemes, the government aims to make the country a hub of manufacturing activities, for which lakhs of skill trained youth are required. If these schemes are operated smoothly, not only can high economic growth rates be achieved but the problem of unemployment can also be solved to a great extent. Education is almost the only means of removing unemployment, but it is also necessary to ensure and regulate how many people are being provided quality education and whether their access to employment is ensured after getting education or not. When the problem of educated unemployment arises, this situation is not considered good for the nation and the economy. India is suffering from the problem of educated unemployment in the world. In such a situation, it is necessary that a uniform education system be implemented from primary level to higher level. If a uniform school system is implemented by eliminating different levels of schools, then the mental abilities of children from both poor and rich families will be the same. It is very important to have a continuous evaluation process for teachers teaching in educational institutions. Apart from this, educational institutions should also be equipped with modern resources like computers, projectors, Wi-Fi etc.

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