One attains salvation by listening to Shiva Mahapuran Katha: Pt Ved Prakash


JAMMU: On Sunday, the second day of Shri Shiv Mahapuran Katha running from March 30 to April 7 in Lower Gadigarh area of Jammu district, the famous Katha Vachak, Katha Vachak Pt Dr Ved Prakash Shastri said that listening to Shiv Katha brings change in a person’s life and by listening to the Katha one attains salvation.
Shiva Purana is one of the 18 Puranas, in which the Leelas and stories of Lord Shiva are described.
“Recitation of Shiva Purana can be organized at any auspicious time. According to religious beliefs, by reciting Shiv Purana, blessings of Lord Shiva remain on the seeker and his entire family,” he said.
On the second day of Shri Shiv Mahapuran Katha going on at Gadigarh in Jammu district, the devotees danced in the Bhajans and the area echoed with the cheers of Bhagwan Shiv.
“Childless people get children by listening to the Katha of Shiva Purana. Along with this, the entire family also gets relief from serious diseases. There is also a description in Shiv Purana that the devotees who listen to Shiv Purana get a place in Shivlok. It is also believed that by listening to this story all the sins of a person are destroyed,” Pt Dr Ved Prakash Shastri said.
Thousands of devotees were present on the second day of the Katha
During the Katha, Pt Dr Ved Prakash Shastri not only worshiped Bhagwan Bholenath but also inspired the devotees to offer a pot of water to Lord Shiva every day. “Whatever we have to suffer, we will have to suffer it. In Kaliyuga, only remembering the name of God can cut off our sufferings. Kaliyuga is the era of Lord Shiva. Shiva is there in every particle. Worship of Shiva never goes in vain,” Dr Ved Prakash Shastri adding, “Don’t panic when troubles come. Remember God. Get immersed in his hymns. In such a situation, pain will stop coming.” He said that if we want to find God, then God reaches us only by chanting. While giving sermons on Shiva, he said that the person who takes refuge in the Lord, God himself sails his way because all the sins are washed away just by taking the name of the Lord. While giving a message to thousands of devotees sitting there, he said that salvation can be achieved only by remembering the Bhagwan Shiv and following the path shown by the Bhagwan Shiv. He said that Bhagwan Shiv has sent us to this earth only to worship the God. When we do Bhajan, Bhagwan Shiv will definitely give us salvation. Before listening to the of Shiv Puran Katha, Dr Ved Prakash Shastri told devotees to take a pledge that they will listen to the Katha with full devotion and meditating on Bhagwan Shiva, because it is believed that if there is no faith in the mind, a person cannot achieve full desire results. While listening to the Shiv Mahapuran Katha, devotees also danced on the melodious Bhajans recited by Pt Dushyant Sharma and others and the area echoed with the cheers of Bhagwan Shiv.
On the occasion, Shiv Puran Nivhaan Yag Samiti also honoured the prominent persons, who devoted their lives for religious works and for the welfare of people. Samiti also felicitated parents of Pt Dushyant Sharma, one of the members of Shiv Puran Nivhaan Yag Samiti.
Speaking on the occasion, family members of Pt Dushyant Sharma, expressed gratitude to the all who make the programme successful with their presence in a large numbers. They also asked the devotees present on the occasion to imbibe the moral and religious value among their children.
They emphasized the importance of instilling these values from a young age, as it lays the foundation for their character development and guides them towards leading a meaningful and fulfilling life. “By nurturing moral and religious values in their children, parents and guardians contribute to building a better society,” they added.

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