Nari Shakti; An embodiment of unparalleled devotion towards her duties

Tara Chand Bhagat

It is an established fact that Almighty God has created ‘Maatri Shakti’ or so-called ‘Woman’ is the source of Janani of the Universe and has remained more powerful than that of ‘Man’. It is a special relationship between woman and man. If we look at the globe we find that nearly half of the population is of the women. She gives birth -both male and female. Not to speak of an ordinary man, even a big king is born from woman. Such is the height of embodiment of woman. It is the tendency of human beings that when a woman gives a birth to female he (man) weeps over her birth. Since she is considered to be a liability to be paid off by him. He does never celebrate her birth with pump and show whereas male’s birth is celebrated with great enthusiasm, ardent zeal and fervent feelings. To my thought both male and female is a part and parcel rather complementary each other. The Almighty God ‘s creation is never challengeable and both the sex has been created for the birth of the Universe. The sacred shape of female to be in the form of ‘daughter’, ‘sister’ and ‘wife’ the three are the most dearest relations which are being observed going to be diminished from the modern society of these days. I would like to quote the golden words of the baani of Gyan Purash Sadhguru Kabir ji. How beautifully he has said!
“Sone Jaisi Kaya Jal Gayi, Koi Nahi Aaya Pase Re,
Mann Phoola Phoola Phire Jagat mein,Juta Naata Re.”

Whose birth is not as celebrated as son? You just imagine the unparalleled devotion towards her family.She gets up early in the morning at 5 ‘o’ clock to discharging her sacred duties which continues to be on during the whole day and ends with at 10 ‘o’ clock daily.Such devotion of duties is not said to be in man’s power.Tolerance of Maatri Shakti is been compared to the tolerance of ‘Mother Earth’. The attribution of the three forms of ‘Maatri Shakti’ is expressed as follows: Mother has the way of heaven in her feet.
Daughter takes to heaven and the Wife is diadem of her husband.
Sadhguru Kabir ji,about the tolerance of ‘Maatri Shakti’ has said as follows:
Akhod Khad Dharti Sahey kaant Shaant Van Rai Kattu Vachan Sadhu Sahey,Aur Se Saha Na Jaye.” So,woman is been compared to the earth in terms of tolerance and forbearance.
It is the law of nature either of the two-man or woman has to die one day.After the death of one’s wife, the husband feels to be now alone. The members of the nuclear family have already been separated from him. He faces the challenges of the difficulties that appear after her death.Exceptions are there.If we may talk in general,most of the circumstances turn otherwise.Only and then only he comes to know that he has come to this world ‘alone’ and has to leave for heavenly abode ‘alone’.
There are three types of debts which we can’t pay off.Mother Earth’s debt stands at number one that cannot be paid off during this birth. It remains pending to be cleared. Mother’s debt is too difficult to be paid off.It is the mother who gives birth to her children,then brings them up also makes learn them to walk and takes care of them to educate them, as mother is the first teacher.A child learns everything to be in the warm lap of mother full of unconditional love.Not to speak of human beings,even such principles of mother’s unconditional love are found in birds,animals whatever the species may be. ‘Maatri Shakti’ is the source of Janani of the Universe.In the past years it was used to be an unnatural injustice with girl child after being detected by way of sonography,foeticide had become a negative trend resultantly sex-ratio decreased.The central govt. came in rescue with the popular slogan ‘Beti Bachao,Beti Padao’.And all the centres of sex determination,had to be bound up by order of the govt. all over the country.Just see the height of injustice used to be inflicted upon the girl child who has been called the Janani of the Universe since the inception of the Universe.Right from the beginning the society has been male dominated and the woman had been subjected to subordination,slavery and direct obedience under male’s orders.Now a new trend has also been cropped up in the modern society that a man and woman are not showing moral bridal responsibilities with the result not only cases of domestic violences but also cases of divorces and re-marriages and sprinkling of acids on the faces of females are on the increase in almost each and every state of the country.This is not a good sign of the modern society. Such a negative trend must be discouraged and the continuance may not be allowed to be encouraged for being healthy and its continuance may not be allowed to be encouraged for being a healthy and civilized modern society.Hon’ble Judiciary is also facing challenges to resolving the cases of divorces.Women and girls are disproportionately affected by the crimes,accounting for a significant majority of trafficking victims globally.There are many factors leading to these heinous,atrocious and hateful crimes such as eve-teasing ,molestation or murder,rapes and throw the girl away in the unknown fields after killing underscore the pervasive gangrapes,cases of sprinkling of acid on their faces in case they do not agree to the proposal of marriages with the rapist,also if promise for denial to be with lover are some of the instances to be exposed to lifting the curtains of the extent of cruelties being inflicted upon the so-called fair sex to be called as Maatri Shakti-the Janami of Mankind being observed daily throughout every nook and corner of the country.The word ‘Woman’ is too small to be called an ordinary one.The greatest significance is attached to the sacred nine forms of ‘Devi’ to be called as avtar of existence of infinite nature.So the natural bonds of relationship between ‘Woman’ and ‘Man’ are to be maintained in the modern society so as to upload the sanctity of ‘Nature’. Prevalence of unfortunate domestic violence cases are being generally taking place on the one pretext or the other for not bringing sufficient dowry because of being poor in-laws.Real life-long relations between man and woman have adopted the shape of transitory nature rather than becoming temporary so to say for want of money,landed property such as plot,house,car or to be owning any kind of responsibility to lend a helping hand to get his in-laws liabilities to be paid off by them.Such kind of greedy mind and mean mentality thinking have been developed in this modern society.The society has become so selfish and unimaginable hopeless that it does not come forward to interferring into the affairs of its relations to be maintained with poor relatives.
Sahir Ludhianvi had said beautifully ,
Aurat ne Janam Diya Mardon Ko,Woman gave birth to mankind. Mardon Ne Use bazaar Diya. Men traded them as slaves.
Jab Jee Chaha masla Kuchla, Used Them As Sex Dolls, No Esteem. Jab Jee Chaha Dutkar Diya .Lust fulfilled, Threw them in streets.
India has become a hub of human trafficking and the marginalized sections of the society are most vulnerable.This is a matter of deep concern and warrants attention to be focused completely on this serious problematic areas being erupted into the modern society.
Just as the five elements have to dependent upon one another for its environmental balance if one of its is lopsided because of interdependence upon the existence of balance of whole of the universe gets imbalanced. Similarly each of the castes alongwith its society is interdependent upon one another for its existence is an established truth.So the man and the woman are also inter-dependent upon its survival and must welcome their inter-dependency for the well-being of their own as well as to the society they are living.
If this sort of situation continues to be and does not get stopped this would pose a serious threat to the healthy existence of the modern society and self-defence techniques and challenging societal attributes that perpetuate violence against women are must to be taken to curbing such violences being observed daily against women.

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