Congress undoing Modi’s efforts to unite India in single chord: Dr Jitendra

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KOLKATA, May 9: Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh today accused the Congress Party of trying to undo Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s sustained efforts over the last ten years to unite India in a single chord.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is for the first time in the history of independent India that fortunately we have a Prime Minister whose name alone strikes a unifying chord across the country from East to West, North to South and even up to Northeast. PM Modi’s pan-India acceptance and popularity is visible from the fact that whichever region or State of the country he visits, the common masses start chanting “Modi-Modi, Modi-Modi” which is something unprecedented in the seven decades long history of independent India, he added.
Addressing a BJP meeting in preparation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s four public rallies scheduled here on a single day on May 12th , Dr. Jitendra Singh said, Congress is rattled by the overwhelming support that Modi is receiving wherever he goes and the Congress leadership finds this quite incompatible to their policy of divisive politics which helped them sustain their dynasty rule for over half a century. Therefore, instead of supporting Prime Minister Modi in his pan-India nationalism and development agenda rising above all other considerations, the Congress think-tank recurrently comes out with divisive narratives like describing the people of Northeast as ‘Chinese’ and people of South India as ‘South Africans’, he added.
It may be recalled, said Dr. Jitendra Singh that before 2014, during the UPA rule, the people of Northeast were hesitant to visit Delhi and other parts of the country because of the inhuman treatment meted out to them and constant barbs and derogatory comments handed out to them. He said, before 2014, it was not uncommon to come across newspaper reports about Northeastern youth or students being mocked for their looks or their accent and sometimes even being abused as being non-Indians. He said, it was consistent pains-taking efforts and outreach of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who personally visited Northeast more than 50 times even before the COVID and put eight States of Northeast region on a fast-track development with easy accessibility and connectivity. The result is that, today youth from Northeast are seen all over India, particularly in the Tourism and Aviation industry and are being hailed for their professional skills, he said.
Unfortunately, said Dr. Jitendra Singh, the Congress Party is not comfortable with this transformation because they had got used to keeping peripheral regions like Northeast isolated and segregated so that they could manipulate their vote bank, election after election to their advantage. Modi has introduced a new political culture in this country where each Indian individual, regardless of his place of origin or his region, has the confidence to engage with each other at equal level and unitedly move on.
Dr. Jitendra Singh expressed confidence that the common masses of India today are more awakened than ever before and they will never allow the Congress party to reverse the clock of time and to undo all that Prime Minister Modi has done over the last 10 years and will continue to move under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi in future as well.

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