Only I spoke against revocation of Art 370 in Parliament: Azad

‘NC, PDP MPs failed to represent Kashmiris’

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SRINAGAR, May 9: Former J&K Chief Minister and Chairman DPAP, Ghulam Nabi Azad today lambasted Kashmir based parties for deceiving the public regarding Article 370.
Addressing a crowded public meeting and road show in Mujgund, Shalteng and Eidgah Srinagar here today, Azad said, that he was the sole voice advocating for the preservation of Article 370 while others remained conspicuously silent, with some even abstaining from voting against its abrogation. He urged the public to verify his claims by accessing the Parliamentary speeches and vote records.
Azad emphasized his commitment to the cause by recalling his symbolic protest of sitting on the Parliament floor, leading to the Government’s concession to restore statehood. However, he stressed that the fight is far from over, citing the need to reclaim land and job rights.
DPAP leader underscored that the upcoming election is not solely about reinstating rights, but also about addressing pressing public concerns such as escalating electricity tariffs, unemployment, and various other issues affecting the people.
“During my tenure in Parliament, I was the sole advocate for Article 370, 35A and statehood while MPs from NC and PDP remained silent. Few of them even abstained from voting against it. If these elected representatives, chosen by the public, have failed to voice their concerns in Parliament, why haven’t they acknowledged their shortcomings? Why didn’t their parties field the same candidates in the parliamentary elections? Now, what can we expect from new candidates when the most senior leaders, elected last time, failed to deliver in Parliament?” Azad asserted.

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Former CM expressed disappointment over the long-standing exploitation of the people under the guise of autonomy and self-rule. Despite their previous fervour for these ideals, they now remain conspicuously silent on the matter, instead diverting attention with alternative slogans in an attempt to deceive the populace. The glaring absence of discourse on development is particularly troubling.
He said, native labourers and contractors find themselves sidelined as lucrative contracts are handed over to outsiders, exacerbating the economic woes of the local workforce. The exorbitant electricity fees further compound the burdens of the common folk, rendering basic amenities unaffordable. The absence of accountability only amplifies the frustrations of the people, who increasingly clamor for transparent governance and the restoration of democratic processes through government and assembly elections.
“If these regional parties were genuinely concerned about public issues, they would have joined us in protesting against the land eviction order, which saved the livelihoods of thousands dependent on state land. I’ve pledged to reinstate the Roshni Scheme and enact laws to protect land and jobs through the Assembly,” he added.
“Our candidate, Amir Bhatt, embodies youth and integrity. I’ve opted not to favour my children in MP elections, instead, I’ve entrusted young leaders like Amir to represent the people and tackle their concerns. I’m confident he will uphold justice and prioritize addressing public issues,” Azad stated.
Among others who were present on the occasion were Taj Mohiuddin- party treasurer, Salman Nizami chief spokesperson, Arif Maqbool Provincial secretary, Ghulam Nabi Palpuri, Shafiq Shabnam and Sujada Bashir.

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